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Topic: What's the trend in Mentalism at the moment?
Message: Posted by: lileauxjouets (Jun 30, 2005 03:25AM)
Hello All of You
If You feel that this question is worth answering.
(My username is the French name of my little toyshop in Normandy, nothing more)
Message: Posted by: C.Jakobsson (Jun 30, 2005 05:56AM)
I'd say suggestion, it's becoming more usual. Also mentalism in general is a trend inside the world of magic. I think suggestion is more popular becuse of Derren Browns tv specials and the release of Jermay's work.

Message: Posted by: cupsandballsmagic (Jun 30, 2005 06:10AM)
The trend in mentalism at the moment seems to be to look at what someone else is doing and to try to emulate that so that you can be like them........

I am trying my best not to be "trendy"
Message: Posted by: Ian Broadmore (Jun 30, 2005 07:14AM)
Message: Posted by: Steve Dela (Jun 30, 2005 07:38AM)
The trend appears to be everyone using psychology and body language as a supposed method to what they do, this makes mentalism not as special in the eyes of the audience...don't forget that!

Ian is also very right! arguing is a bit of a trend as is copying others...wrong wrong wrong!

Steve Dela
Message: Posted by: sjdavison (Jun 30, 2005 07:49AM)
Steve, I agree, that body language/NLP seems to be the excuse. The problem is, now the public perceive that as the methodology, I feel that any other form of presentation is very difficult to make credible.

Arguing is indeed a common trend! Oh no it's not....

Message: Posted by: spook (Jun 30, 2005 10:55AM)
Top 10 Trends In Contemporary Mentalism:

1) Posing for pictures with a twisted fork while bearing the expression of one who has just inserted a rectal thermometer.

2) Raising one eyebrow so often it resembles a form of facial palsy.

3) The false hope that utterly made up words such as "Mysteryographer", "Mindician" or "Psychostatistician" will imbue one with a sense of legitimacy.

4) Sharing the simultaneous beliefs that involving small slips of paper will spoil the illusion of real mind reading but cocentric circles on a business card can produce unaided states of hypnosis.

5) Being afraid to pet the cat for fear it might anchor subliminal commands.

6) The belief that Psychokinetic Touches will be perceived as an utterly new effect by virtue of one's own, unique delivery.

7) Finally releasing the audience-proven, time-tested routine one thought of last night.

8) Shaved heads and goatees: Psychic or leather bar patron?

9) Referring to a forty dollar pamphlet as an exclusive secret even though it's advertised on every magic web site and national magazine.

10) Confusing sarcasm with wit.
Message: Posted by: magicmind (Jun 30, 2005 03:59PM)
HAhahahaha! Spook, you hit the nail on the head! Great top 10 list.
Message: Posted by: mystic1 (Jun 30, 2005 09:55PM)
If one is following trends, you're at the end of the curve. You're too late.
Message: Posted by: Moderncelt (Jun 30, 2005 10:38PM)
8) Shaved heads and goatees: Psychic or leather bar patron?

What? you can't be both?
Message: Posted by: Kaylan (Jun 30, 2005 10:50PM)
Very nice, spook - I like your top 10!
Message: Posted by: NJJ (Jun 30, 2005 11:26PM)
Whilst a lot of trends are just mindless copying, sometimes trends are trends for a REASON....

I'd rather be 100% good then 100% original anyday!
Message: Posted by: Parson Smith (Jun 30, 2005 11:49PM)
Love it, Spook.
I actually laughed out loud.
Message: Posted by: lileauxjouets (Jul 1, 2005 12:11AM)
Finally, perhaps there's no trend.
I do Close-up Mentalism for few reasons :
- I don't feel ready for stage,
- I did Kids Show, Storytelling and Mentalism.
I've choosed Mentalism because it's the only way which brings me a real satisfaction.
When I see the number of posts about Mentalism here in the Café, I think Mentalism itself is a trend.
I do a routine with a blindfold (from Osterlind). Am I copying Osterlind ?
Yet Blindfolds are often used in Oringinal Mentalism Act..
Message: Posted by: Sven Rygh (Jul 1, 2005 12:55AM)
If that question was ment seriously;

The trend is to entertain and amaze the audiences.
There is no change, it always has been like that, and it (hopefully) always will be.

Message: Posted by: RickDangerous (Jul 1, 2005 05:13AM)
Haha... Spook! Brilliant!

Since Derren hit the scene everybody who was once a mindreader is now an expert in NLP, hypnosis, psychology and so on. But I don't think the audience doesn't like a guy who is "really trained" in those subjects and has abilities to read people appearantly like open books.
I guess at the moment mentalists are "psychological illusionists" or "genuine mindreaders". Back in the days MORE people used to mix or blur these two things (I'm happy that there are still some creative minds out there who do their own thing!)
Speaken of billets:
For all "psycholgical illusionist": yes, derren uses billets too :)

p.s.: I do have a goatee since the day it grew on my beautiful face ;)
Message: Posted by: Thomas Rudolfo (Jul 1, 2005 06:00AM)
Nice answer Rick. And I want to add that he (Derren) also uses cards and.....yes, SLATES!! :)

But I have to admit that these slats are special slates with special NLP-ability to read spectators body language and secretly automatically writes it on itself. :) :)


P.S.: A day without laughing is a lost day! Cheers
Message: Posted by: SteeleFusion (Jul 1, 2005 09:12AM)
Yes, well pointed out Thomas. Derren also always points out that his clipboards are nothing special..perfect mis-direction for the fact the pens he uses simply remember what has been written and using a complex mixture of Charades, semaphore and smoke signals he can secretly receive the require information from his well trained Magic Markers (and you wondered why they were called "magic" markers!).
Message: Posted by: sjdavison (Jul 1, 2005 09:27AM)
Steelefusion, I think you might have your wires crossed - the markers are actually linked up to satellites, which beam the infomation into a special chip lodged into his left nostril. The semaphore is all misdirection for those in the 'know'. But I've said too much.

Actually can never take semaphore seeriously after seeing Monty Python do 'Wuthering heights' via the medium of semaphore. Genius. ('Oh Heathcliffe!'...)

Message: Posted by: spook (Jul 1, 2005 09:37AM)
Moderncelt: It's certainly worked for me.
Message: Posted by: SteeleFusion (Jul 1, 2005 09:42AM)
Simon, You mean he is using mis-direction for the mis-direction...genius! I suppose that's why he gets to go on Channel 4 :)

Message: Posted by: sjdavison (Jul 1, 2005 09:54AM)
Yes, thinking outside the box. Clever.

But mum's the word. I'm going to do it the old-fashioned way, and get on channel 5. But noone will be watching.

Message: Posted by: SteeleFusion (Jul 1, 2005 10:06AM)
I suggest LivingTV...why not apply for "Most Haunted"...think they need some more "mediums" ;)...or maybe they will give you your own cold-reading show :)
Message: Posted by: sjdavison (Jul 1, 2005 10:09AM)
Ah, yes, Living Tv - how ironic!

I agree, there's not enough 'psychic' programmes on tv these days! (I've just been sick) Or my own 'hypnotherapy' show, specialising in weightloss - with my own unique advice - 'put down the fork'!

Message: Posted by: Brother Kotah (Jul 1, 2005 05:29PM)
My book "Tarothought has been spoken well of by Shane,R,Lee Davis and Craig Browning. It covers a variety o silent codes which may interest you or perhaps open new avenues of thought re:your approach to mentalism.
Brother Kotah
Message: Posted by: Conus (Jul 1, 2005 06:17PM)
And here is...a thermometer? My fork! ouch!
Message: Posted by: Conor (Sep 2, 2005 03:46PM)
Im now thinking of growing my hair, shaving my goatee, taking off my tight t shirt and putting my book on nlp down. I will still be saying "did you feel that?" at any available moment though. sorry. I will also stop standing on one foot when I'm drunk and saying "LOOK! I CAN LEVITATE!".
Message: Posted by: J ack Galloway (Sep 2, 2005 04:19PM)
To pose and pretend.


Becouse that is what magicians do.

Mentalists are magicians trying to be real.
(Current trend.)

They buy all the current (in) crap with the hopes of catching up possibly finding the real deal.

Every joy boy with a buck is buying a DVD on the perfect center tear
or its old world equivalant.

That is the trend.

Guys with no abilty hoping to buy it.
Then pretend they have it.

Mentalists are turning into magicians.

Rant over.



Not dead yet!