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Topic: Multi-Purpose Levitation (3-in-1)
Message: Posted by: Dennis Michael (Jul 2, 2005 12:29AM)
[b]OK Comments Welcome[/b], I managed to complete my Levitation Illusion Website


It is the 3-in-1 illusion which I bought the market and contruction rights from Dutch (Saydean)

It is now called the [url=http://www.levitationillusion.com/main.html][b]Multi-Purpose Levitation[/b][/url] because it is so versitile.

It is graphic intensive on purpose with pre-loading ability. 56K modems will not fair well there. Much of the animations are around 600K each

Eventually, I will add movies on the illusion.

Under technical, have I stated too much?

Right now the web site will be going through some growing pains before I advertise it in the magic magazines.

I do know it is not the best in graphic design, however, I wanted to display many of the MPL capabilities. I will redesign the banner giving the site a little more punch.
Message: Posted by: Chris Stolz (Jul 2, 2005 09:03AM)
Although I do like the idea of the curtains opening, I think that it is a little intensive for some modems. I am on a cable modem and I had to wait for it to slowly open. I would suggest setting it up to immediately display the image. Perhaps some thumbnails that enlarge like a rollover image?

You've got a great prop on your hands. I'd make the website as user friendly as possible to ensure that you're open to all possible customers.

I did enjoy the little clip of the magician saying, "RISE!....Oops!"

Best of luck,

Message: Posted by: magicmanrob (Jul 2, 2005 09:09AM)
Den we bought the plans from Dutch but have not yet gotten it built yet as we have been extremely busy so far. When I clicked on the link to see the site it comes up as a dead page not found.

Never mind we were have cable problems site looks great now you got me wanting to get to my workshop and to get after it.
Message: Posted by: The Drake (Jul 2, 2005 10:37AM)
On 2005-07-02 01:29, DenDowhy wrote:
[b]OK Comments Welcome[/b],

Eventually, I will add movies on the illusion.

Under technical, have I stated too much?


Hi Ken,

I have to agree with Chris. The loading time could be shortened greatly by deleting the curtain opening effect.

The animations are good but get those videos up there ASAP. Although theres lots of " atta-boys" that get passed around the Café here regards new designs or illusions ...the BUYING customer wants to see the real thing and a video is going to sell your product 100 times faster than an animation.

Yes...the techinal page is to technical. You should remove the info like " number of bolts" and simply say revelant things like ( travels light, assembles easily , works with any assistant up to ??? lbs )

Good Luck,

Message: Posted by: Dennis Michael (Jul 2, 2005 10:44AM)
Shucks, the curtain opening and closing looked so cool.I will delete them and make those web changes but making the video are not in the immediate future since I got a wedding in 2 weeks to get prepared for...MY daughte's weddig not mine.

Hopefully I am looking for comments on the concept of what this Multi-Purpose Levitation can do.
Message: Posted by: The Drake (Jul 2, 2005 11:18AM)
On 2005-07-02 11:44, DenDowhy wrote:
Hopefully I am looking for comments on the concept of what this Multi-Purpose Levitation can do.
Hi Ken,

I know what you mean regards the curtains. I bet you spent a lot of time making that effect.

Regards what the MPL can do. As someone who loves any type of levitation it interests me...BUT....I'm skeptical. ( Again this is talking from a shoppers view ) The illusion seems to be able to do SOOOO much that it seems wonderful..BUT we've all been lured by pretty pictures and then got stuck with a joke in the past. I would have to see the effect performed before I would ever buying any illusion. There might be others who will purchase illusions based on descriptions, computer renderings or drawings but I'm not one of them.

Until you get some videos online a few performance photos would greatly help show what the customer can expect the illusion to look like.
It will only take one sale to some magician who makes a video or takes good photos and the sales will begin to flow.

I can imagine that you have you hands full with the upcoming wedding and I hope you sell lots of the MPLs so you can start making the payments on the cost of the wedding..LOL Until you have the time to take photos or video maybe others who have performed the effect when it was the 3 in 1 will be so kind to email you some photos of them performing it.


Message: Posted by: Dennis Michael (Jul 2, 2005 11:31AM)
I made those changes and I will make those videos, without sound and all the glammer of a stage performance. A technical video so to speak, before going to the magazines.

I know Dutch has the video of Lorraine doing the vertical lift, maybe I can get him to find it for me. I thought I saved it on my hard drive but didn't.

I made the above changes as requested for speed, it took several million bytes off the loads.
Message: Posted by: The Drake (Jul 2, 2005 11:42AM)

Sorry Den.....I referred to you twice as Ken. Oh Well...I bet you've been called worse!..LOL.


Message: Posted by: Donald Dunphy (Jul 2, 2005 12:13PM)
Den -

It's a good start. Some things to improve are:

- Have a live video, or real photos, of the prop being used. The animation makes it look like an expensive "pipe dream", which we know is not true. Let me give you an analogy... what if you demonstrated on your birthday site, that you do the chair suspension with the birthday boy, and you only used animation to show that? A little lacking, isn't it?

- You ABSOLUTELY MUST have some testimonials on there! This is a prop that has been around for quite some time, even though you have improved on it. Ask Dutch if you can borrow some of his testimonials about the prop. A video and testimonials are going to be the most powerful influencers for selling this prop.

- The text (flash) opening page, is much too text intensive for it's length. Have some photos interspersed with it, to maintain attention.

- Fix the typos. I found about 10 of them.

1) "Oops" is spelled wrong on the comedy levitation animation. Should not be "Opps".

2) On the Chair Levitation animation, "accessory" is spelled wrong. You have "assesory".

3) "person" spelled wrong in the technical information page. You have "persoan". Also, what is "workaround"?
[quote](Recommended weight lift, (50 pounds lighter than your Stage Hand) Although a workaround is possible 175 lb persoan was easily lifted by me.)[/quote]

4) "Pillar" is spelled wrong thoughout the site. Should not be "piller".

5) the word "is" is misspelled on the technical information page, as is "illusion". You have "ia" and "Illuion".
[quote]Supplied ia a square plate for a Flying Princess/Magic Carpet, Piller or Stool, Illuion.[/quote]

6) the word "supply" is misspelled on the technical information page. You have "suppy".
[quote]A Board is Supplied for Chair Suspension to Levitation Illusion, you suppy any chair[/quote]

7) "requires" is misspelled on the FAQs page.
[quote]A: No, it is a Steel Stage Illusion capable of lifting a person, or object numerous ways and requirees a backdrop to use.[/quote]

8) "than" is misspelled on the FAQs page.
[quote]A: Although it is designed to lift over a 300 lb person, the lighter the person the easier it will be to perform. A real heavy person will require weight tobe added on the specially designed handle for this. I have and can lift a 175 lb person with no difficulty because I am much heavier thean that and my weight is the counter balance in this instance.[/quote]

9) There are a few typos in this section of the FAQs page. "Pilliar" should be "Pillar", "assessories" should be "accessories", "Illusionist" should be "Illusionists", and "assesories" should be "accessories".
[quote]A: Any Chair Pilliar, Saw Horse or contraption you want to use can be used with the Multi-Purpose Illusion, and not necessary to supply. You will receive the necessary assessories for lifting objects and you could duplicate them or purchase them at Home Depot. Because Illusionist already have Backdrops, these will be listed as assesories and a seperate purchase, if you want the BA cloth for the Asrah Levitation. [/quote]

Hope that this helps.

- Donald
Message: Posted by: LeeAlex2002 (Jul 2, 2005 01:01PM)
Is it fair to re-name this illusion and market it as something new.

I am unclear as to whether you are selling the same illusion as Saydean, or whether there is something more?

I would skip the intro altogether and integrate this with the actual content of the index. Purcahsers want to get to the goods. Even on cable it is still taking sometime to load. There is a java script that you can add for repeat vsitors that automatically skips the intro afer the first visit.

FAQ - most of the answers seem to be negative, which does not make for good sales. How about creating questions which have positive responses.

I live abroad, but the only way to get the price is to call you in the States - alternative way of finding out, or a direct price on the website.

Q: How Quickly can I get the Multi-Purpose Illusion?
A: Each MPL is custom designed so allow at least 6 weeks for delivery.

Are they really custom designed or built to order?

I think Donald has dealt with the text part of the website.

I am interested in the plans for this. How are they presented - downlaod, booklet, printed sheets. how much information is given? Will I really be able to have this built? Does it take six weeks to build if I were to have it made for myself?
What are the restrictions - how far away from the backdrop can the object be?
Message: Posted by: Donald Dunphy (Jul 2, 2005 01:13PM)
There are some more typos than the ones I have posted so far. However, we can address those after this first batch of changes are done.

Also, Den, you might wish to point out what the three main performances of the original 3-in-1 levitation were, and now what the new performances are that you have added some new stuff to make it the MPL. Like a compare and contrast chart between the two.

- Donald
Message: Posted by: The Drake (Jul 2, 2005 01:53PM)
Hi Den,

I looked at the new changes ( without the curtains opening ) and it really made a big differnence in download time. Now I can just simply do a mouse over and the various effects instantly appear from behind the curtain. This is much more pleasing to the " show me" appetite that we all have when browsing a website. The fun part is that the curtains are closed before the mouse-over so they still give the effect of opening when you do the mouse-over. ( not an animated opening but a good effect just the same )

I found the page much more interesting to view and went through all the performance options available this time while on my first viewing I got tired of waiting for the curtains to open and didn't browse all the effects.


Message: Posted by: hugmagic (Jul 2, 2005 02:24PM)
Ken, I have not checked out the site yet as I do have dial up. I know it will take me forever to load it.

If the site is requires cable to operate reasonably fast, I see that as a downside. someone told me that you must design a site for the slowest computer. That may be overkill but I suspect part of it is true.
Message: Posted by: Dennis Michael (Jul 2, 2005 04:26PM)
On 2005-07-02 14:01, LeeAlex2002 wrote:
Is it fair to re-name this illusion and market it as something new.

I am unclear as to whether you are selling the same illusion as Saydean, or whether there is something more?
Thanks Lee for the comments which I take seriously. When I bought the 3-in-1 from Saydean (Dutch) years ago, we keep in contact since then and I was telling him the things I was doing with it and he suggested the 360 spin and described it to me. The 3-in-1 originally meant Horizontal Levitation, Vertical Levitation, and Flying Carpet Levitation. Then added was the vertical 360 spin and my modified plate to do other things and to make object raise. I asked Dutch if he minded if I changed the name because the 3-in-1 was so limited in scope. His reply was since he sold me all the rights with it (Recently and Agreement of sale contract) I can do anything including useage of all photos and pictures that he had.

I am selling the same illusion but with added attachments and accessories to do more. True it could be called 2-in-1 because all the levitations are either vertically or horizontally. However, it has the capabilities of doing so much more and really for a stage only effect, it subs as a sword suspension, chair suspension add some BA and it becomes a formless Ashra, no need to by all these seperate illusions when the visual outcome to the audience is even more powerful.

I will also make changes so an AC/DC conncetion can be made and make it as an attachment so it can do more like remote levitation. The idea is really feasible and I've tore apart the actuator to my Gamolo to give it a try. A new non movable base will also be added so a floor up levitation can be made.

The concept is spend less, carry less and do so much more. Yes the Chair suspansion can be performed at a birthday and the MPL cannot, so there are some limitations. (Lavish Birthday Party at a place with a stage... Yes).

I still and always will give credit to Dutch for developing this wonderful illusion, and he was very happy that I asked if he would consider selling me the rights when he put it on the market.

It is an evolving illusion and a group of us were discussing ways to use this and the suggestions like a spirit house where the audience volunteer floats as the Assistant is tied up next to him is still tied up.

I also like the calling it the MPL for short and it's long version of the name.

I have cut the time down tremendously. Now try look at the individual sites and while you read the other graphics are preloading to increase speed of the load.

Donald, I did correct the typos I think I got them, if you find more PM me please and I'll get to it. I do like the Compare and Contrast idea of the two, will get to that and the work around means adding weights which it is designed to do for heavier persons. If one can avoid this it makes for a smoother transition from the lift and adding or removing weights.
Message: Posted by: George Ledo (Jul 3, 2005 08:37AM)
I agree with the others: the site loads much faster now than the first time I visited it.

Should "Formally 3-in-1 Levitation" be "Formerly 3-in-1 Levitation"?
Message: Posted by: Dennis Michael (Jul 3, 2005 09:09AM)
George, Correction made! Thanks
Message: Posted by: parsimagic (Jul 3, 2005 09:13AM)

The changes you have made so far are definitely an improvement. The faster loads allowed me to look up each page. When I first looked at the site previously I stopped looking at the pages because of the time involved. But really I would not advertise this site until you have at least one video performance. This, of course, is an illusion. The fundamental question a buyer will have is "How good is the illusion," ie will it fool an audience. Without a video and possibly testimonials there is no way to answer that question adequately. I personally am interested in purchasing plans. Good luck

Kia Parsi
Message: Posted by: Tony S (Jul 3, 2005 09:40AM)
Den -
Where the site reads "Supplied ia a square plate for a Flying Princess/Magic Carpet, Pillar or Stool, Illusion" - I'm thinking 'ia' should be 'is'. I agree with some other posts that real video and testimonials will help you sell this. I think you should add some info about set up and break down time, as well as the size of the illusion when broken down. "Can fit into a car" is a rather vague description. Other than that I think the site looks good.

Message: Posted by: Dennis Michael (Jul 3, 2005 10:04AM)
Yes I agree with you all on the importance of video and testimonials

[b]Will if fool an audience?[/b] has been asked several times. At my SAM club, when I first brought out the Princess Flying Carpet illusion, you could see some of the oldtimers who have had this and used it looked disinterested. Some were even having sidebar converstions in the back of the room (A common problem).

When my son started levitating, you could hear a pin drop. It caught them all by surprise. I did get a lot of positive feed back after the show, one of the most common was, my flying carpet doesn't do that! That is when I got the idea of doing the same for my chair suspension and my sword suspension. For a magic audience, it turns heads and it is unexpected especially when many have seen or know how those standard illusions work. For an audience who hasn't seen the effect, just when you are at the peak, the envelope is pushed futher! How can that be? There is "power" in combining several illusions into one! This is what I like most about the Multi-Purpose Levitation and something I learned from Doug Henning, many years ago.

It is a trick I learned from Doug Henning and one I loved watching him do numerous times. Take a magician down the "beaten path" then surprise or WOW him with the unexpected. It's also the basic formula for comedy writing, lead them in one direction then hit them with the punch line which is in the opposite path their mind is expecting.

My Favoriate Doug Henning story is... I was expecting the bouquet of flowers after his performance of the Zombie but noooo, he produced a Bald Eagle. What a power punch! That memory lasted me a lifetime.

I know there was a video if this illusion on the internet, one used to be on Dutch's web site but that site is down and he doesn't have that clip any more.

Has anyone save it?

Message: Posted by: The Donster (Jul 4, 2005 04:50PM)
Any Information on the Comedy Levitation and How Much is it ?
Message: Posted by: TheDean (Jul 4, 2005 05:36PM)
I have personally seen the (3 in 1… NOW the) “Multi-Purpose-Levitation System” and it ROCKS!

It is EVERYTHING Den says is and does and MORE! Honestly, you are only limited to your imagination on this one and is one of the very best innovation in modern levitation I have seen in some time!

Prior to Den's purchase of the rights and rewards for the 3 in 1 system, I was seriously considering purchasing them myself. The ONLY reason I did not is that after discussing it with my business partners and looking over our service market, we simply agreed that magicians exclusively is not our market and this comprehensive illusion “system” DESERVES the attention of someone like Den who has the passion, time, effort and integrity to make a real go of it...

For me, the bottom line is, when you SEE FOR YOURSELF what Den has and is offering, I am confident you will run to the bank to own one for yourselves!

It's amazing on sooooo many levels!

Just my experience and .02 cents worth!
Message: Posted by: The Drake (Jul 4, 2005 07:29PM)
Ok..here it is folks..the first customer review of the MPL levitation system.

I received my plans for the illusion earlier today and just had to post my thoughts.

This is without a doubt the most versitile levitation on the market PERIOD!

I confessed to Den that I had seen his postings and really didn't grasp what the illusion was. It was only after seeing his website that I remember seeing this illusion performed in an online video that I wish I had saved a copy of. After realizing what it was I had to have one.

Den you have a winner here! I've always been fascinated with levitations but never had the budget for impromptu people levitations. This is easily affordable for any working magician ....no...make that just " any magician ".

There are so many levitation options available with this device that my head is swimming thinking of the infinite possiblities. I can't wait to build mine and get some video of it. I hope you have lots of video by then of others performing it so those as blind as I was can understand what you have here.

Whats next...a book called..." 1001 Levitations with your MPL " ?

Thankyou for bringing this product to market.


Timothy Drake
Message: Posted by: Dennis Michael (Jul 4, 2005 07:59PM)
On 2005-07-04 20:29, Timothy Drake wrote:
Whats next...a book called..." 1001 Levitations with your MPL " ?

You got my head spinning and thinking fast with this one...
[b]"101 Levitations with your MPL"[/b] could easily be a reality but a thousand?

Message: Posted by: The Drake (Jul 4, 2005 08:31PM)

Here is one for your book that instantly came to my mind. At any time during the show magician walks to front of curtains while larger illusion is being prepared backstage. This is always the part where we do our small stuff to stall and fill the time. The magician explains that magicians used to wear capes for a reason, the same reason as superman. He takes the cape, holds it in front of him leaving his shoes exposed. He begins to float and his shoes are seen to lift off the ground sleightly by a few inches . The audience enjoys the effect but figure something is up. It's ovious how its done.....or is it? At some point the magician lifts the cape to show that the shoes are really still on his feet and not dummies. He the lowers the cape again and now instantly floats 6 ft in the air, lowers back down, whisks the cape away, the curtains open and he immediately goes into his next illusion. The stage is bare except for whatever illusion has be set up to go on next. At some point he could even have a volunteer from the audience onstage to witness the effect and after he's finished he'd say " Here hold this" and had the cape to the vounteer who immediately rises when they take the cape of the magicians hands.

Idea #0001.....only 1000 more to go and its off to the publisher!


Message: Posted by: PaxMentis (Jul 5, 2005 08:47AM)
Believe it or Not, but I use to publish books during my career in the entertainment business. I published a total of five; 3 hardcover, 2 softcover. I'll PM you with details. These books were all self-published and did rather well as a result of a good marketing plan.

Best regards,
Pax Mentis
Message: Posted by: Saydean (Jul 5, 2005 08:58AM)
I am delighted to read this thread. When I started doing large stage shows involving magic I would drool at the aspect of levatating like the big boys in Vegas,but did not have 10-20,000 dollars to spend. that's when the 3 in 1 came to life. Now ,it's in the hands of someone who LOVES levatations and will treat you right. Just for the record: Den Dowhy is the owner of all rights,designs and has full authority to do what he wants with this illusion,period.
don't wait to buy one ,I have the feeling that someday soon you will be saying:"Why didn't I buy it when I could?"
Message: Posted by: Dennis Michael (Aug 22, 2005 07:02AM)
I know there were several people from the Café that attended my midnight discussion on Levitations and Suspensions, with the grand opening and display of the Multi-Purpose Levitation.

[b] So what do you guys think of it?[/b] I know that a loaded question to ask, but I'm confident it is as powerful as stated. (Opps) I just realized I didn't get any pictures of it in operation!

By the way, I did get some major interest from two serious and performing illusionists that request a private demo.
Message: Posted by: johnnymystic (Aug 22, 2005 10:21AM)
How much does it cost? Is it less than Blamey's Ladder Lev?

Message: Posted by: Dennis Michael (Aug 22, 2005 10:59AM)
Blaney's is a suspension, this is a levitation and it cost $1,495
Message: Posted by: johnnymystic (Aug 22, 2005 01:15PM)
Oop's...I meant to say Blaney, not Blamey. Well I like the price, maybe the wife will let me get one!

Message: Posted by: Bob Sanders (Aug 22, 2005 04:00PM)
On 2005-08-22 08:02, DenDowhy wrote:
I know there were several people from the Café that attended my midnight discussion on Levitations and Suspensions, with the grand opening and display of the Multi-Purpose Levitation.

[b] So what do you guys think of it?[/b] I know that a loaded question to ask, but I'm confident it is as powerful as stated. (Opps) I just realized I didn't get any pictures of it in operation!

By the way, I did get some major interest from two serious and performing illusionists that request a private demo.

I Like It!

See my post at:


The levitation works, it is noiseless and versatile just as advertised. It is portable and easy to understand. Maintenance should be rare and inexpensive. One of the most well thought out features of this levitation is its ability to keep the person being levitated stable and level. It appears to be a real workhorse that will last through decades of hard use. I certainly have invested much more in props that do much less.

Friday night I got the opportunity to try it out as both the subject being levitated and as the operator. Now it’s on my “want list”.

I certainly have no problems recommending it to other stage magicians.

Dennis, thank you for giving me a chance to experience working with it first hand. It was a treat.

Bob Sanders
Magic By Sander
Message: Posted by: Daniel Faith (Aug 23, 2005 11:22PM)
Your website works great for me Den but then I have cable internet.
The levitation rocks. I will be in touch!
Message: Posted by: Dutch illusionist (Aug 25, 2005 01:01PM)
I like the website too.
I`m only waiting for all the pictures and video`s :)
Message: Posted by: The Mirror Images (Aug 25, 2005 01:16PM)
There was word out that there was a 5-in-1 coming out. Is that rumor or is that true??

Message: Posted by: Dennis Michael (Aug 25, 2005 04:44PM)
5-in-1 is not a levitation, it is a base with multiple uses.
Message: Posted by: The Mirror Images (Aug 25, 2005 08:05PM)
Thanks for the clearing up. I just remember hearing about and was wondering if it was related. Thanks Den.

Message: Posted by: RandyStewart (Aug 28, 2005 08:32PM)

Does your website have any live video clips of the Multi-Purpose Levitation in action? Of interest to me is the Vertical Levitation. Thanks!
Message: Posted by: Dennis Michael (Aug 28, 2005 11:30PM)
Randy, Not yet. I am trying to get Dutch's video of that excellent vertical lift he did with Lorriane.
Message: Posted by: troller (Aug 31, 2005 07:55PM)
What is the price range of the Multi?

Is there an alternative method that is affordable to the masses?
Message: Posted by: Dennis Michael (Aug 31, 2005 08:09PM)
The MPL is selling for $1,495.00 plus shipping. Related to Levitations this one is the least expensive and can do more with it than any others. As mentioned it is a stage effect that requires a curtain/backdrop and a stage assistant.
Message: Posted by: magictim (Apr 2, 2018 04:19PM)
Is this still availabie? The websites down.
Message: Posted by: Donald Dunphy (Apr 3, 2018 12:50AM)
[quote]On Apr 2, 2018, magictim wrote:
Is this still availabie? The websites down. [/quote]

All of the posts before yours (so, all of the posts on the first 2 pages) are from 13 years ago, back in 2005.

Many things change on the internet in just a couple of years, let alone 13 years.

- Donald
Message: Posted by: magictim (Apr 8, 2018 11:29AM)
Does anyone know how to get a hold of Dennis Michael?
Message: Posted by: Donald Dunphy (Apr 8, 2018 06:52PM)
Hi Tim -

I sent you a private message.

- Donald
Message: Posted by: JohnPizzi (Mar 2, 2019 11:22AM)
Check out this https://UpUpAndAway.tv
Message: Posted by: drmolarmagic (Aug 8, 2019 08:29AM)
Mr Pizzi,
question.....how much does the illusion weight when packed up to carry from car to venue?