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Topic: Barrie Richardson Center Tear?
Message: Posted by: Seth speaks (Jul 5, 2005 06:20PM)
Does anyone here know, by any chance, the best place to find Barrie Richardson's legendary instant-read center tear? It comes highly recommended by many, but I don't see any mention of it in reviews of Theater of the Mind (except the Post-It tear) though it might still be in there. Or was it in some of his lecture notes..? I appreciate the help.

Message: Posted by: ElliottB (Jul 5, 2005 07:13PM)
From memory, the only tear in Theater of the Mind is the post it tear. It's pretty good, but I'm not sure if I would call it "instant read".
Message: Posted by: scott b. (Jul 5, 2005 07:50PM)
I would say it could possibly be in Act Two, but from the looks of the contents it wont be. So I would also like to know (if anybody does know) where this can be found.

Message: Posted by: Bill Cushman (Jul 6, 2005 03:39AM)
Barrie has a great center tear in his notes with a post-it. It is IR and "lightning fast." I think these notes (C & D) are on the CD being offered. And I can't wait to see what is in the new book for which I just recieved UPS tracking info!

A long time ago, I decided to master a tear for all occasions. When I realized no single tear covered all possible available or offered materials, I learned Barries for post-it notes, Busch's for index cards, one for business cards and finally, one for any kind of paper. At first I didn't like the idea of mastering so many tears as I feared confusion, but once I separated them by type of materials and focused on one tear per material everything fell into place.
Message: Posted by: magickdabid--uk (Jul 6, 2005 05:26AM)
Mr Richardsons tear in "Theatre of the Mind" is with a post-it, but he does it with a business card aswell using the same MO, You may also want to take a look at "Marlo without Tears", he has an almost identacal MO for one of the two CT's he presents there, not sure who got into print first (?)

Message: Posted by: RickDangerous (Jul 6, 2005 06:06AM)
*argh* hate talking bout CTs ord peeks. So many laymen just read those kind of posts and come up with ideas how we accomplish several feats
Message: Posted by: scott b. (Jul 6, 2005 09:29PM)
I noticed in his notes "6 Powerful Routines" he has a "Business Card Center Tear", not sure if its the same though.
Message: Posted by: Seth speaks (Jul 7, 2005 11:43PM)
Hey, many thanks, guys -- I appreciate the input. I'll follow up on these sources. I'm certain this coveted tear exists somewhere. Perhaps, when I've purifed myself, and am truly ready, it will appear. :)

Thanks again,

Message: Posted by: Nicodemus (Jul 8, 2005 12:28AM)
Seth Speaks: I believe what you are seeking is in barry's lecture notes called "Concepts and Deceptions". I happen to have a copy idf you would want me to confirm it is indeed what you seek.

Please PM if necessary, - Nicodemus
Message: Posted by: Seth speaks (Jul 8, 2005 02:11PM)
Nicodemus, thanks! I PMed you.

Message: Posted by: david_a_whitehead (Jul 8, 2005 02:52PM)
It is also in Act Two
Message: Posted by: scott b. (Jul 8, 2005 04:06PM)
On 2005-07-08 15:52, david_a_whitehead wrote:
It is also in Act Two
I believe David means "The Business Card Center Tear" on pg. 251.