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Topic: Cassidy
Message: Posted by: Parson Smith (Jul 6, 2005 11:54PM)
I know that many of us have been helped by Bob Cassidy and his wealth of knowledge.
Bob's wife, Peggy, is extremely ill and is hospitalized in Tacoma, WA.
You can get info on Bob and his wife at http://www.mastermindreader.com
I feel certain that Bob and Peggy would appreciate messages of concern.
Message: Posted by: stevie1 (Jul 7, 2005 01:03AM)
Bob has a fabulous offer at present on his website,its available till the 8th of July.
I'm sure any orders recieved,would greatly help towards the hospital bills,so do yourself a favour and check em out.Lots of terrific stuff there.
Message: Posted by: BlackSalt (Jul 7, 2005 04:04PM)
Yes the offer is a good one and please ... please ... please .... in light of Peggy's health let's not have a bunch of complaints over delivery time.

We all wish Peggy a speedy and full recovery.

Best regards,
Message: Posted by: J ack Galloway (Jul 8, 2005 06:53PM)

To ask others to chuck their past opinions of Cassidy is not ethical.

Just my opinion


Ok why is it unethical?
(I figured I had better post this since I will sooner or later)

Many here have a very dim view of Bobs slack business practices.
Heck Black you even allude to the situation in your initial post.

But instead of coming out and simply saying those who have the extra cash please help Bob, if you can.

But instead you chose to play a social compliance card.

People naturally want to help those who are in need.

But to ask us to not complain if Bob does not make good on his sales in a timely manner because of some tragedy he now is in the middle of is in my opinion is trying to compromise the belief system of many of those here who have had dealings with Mr. Cassidy.

I would assume that you are suggesting Bobís delivery times will be even more abysmal than they have in the past when he had no good reason for not doing as he should.

Please do not think me harsh or uncaring because I am not.

I just have no tolerance for those who would exploit a situation or want me to jump on the lets help band wagon without thought and in doing so want me to chuck my reasonable expectations.

Tragedy is not reason to not fulfill your obligations.

I would feel compelled to do so out of honor and as a way of thanking those who helped me. I would hope Mr. Cassidy would feel the same.
I guess I am slightly vexed at the assumption that he would not also.

Once again I am not bashing Bob just this method of fundraising and the tactics being used on his behalf.

If you want us to give ask and provide an address to send the money to.

I promise I will and so will others who want nothing in return.
Message: Posted by: partyboy (Jul 8, 2005 08:12PM)
I kinda hear the sound of someone beating a dead horse

On 2005-07-08 20:52, J ack Galloway wrote:

Tragedy is not reason to not fulfill your obligations.


That was ridiculous by the way.
Message: Posted by: Parson Smith (Jul 8, 2005 08:48PM)
Hello Jack,
It certainly is gracious of you to offer to help Bob and Peggy at this difficult time.
She is in St. Joseph's hospital in Tacoma, WA in the oncology unit.
I am certain that a check sent to Bob and Peggy Cassidy at the hospital's address will reach them and will be greatly appreciated.
To save you from having to look up or recall the address, I have looked it up for you.
St. Joseph's Medical Center
1717 South J Street
Tacoma, WA 98405

Again, I am impressed with your generosity, and I am sure that the Cassidys will be grateful.
Message: Posted by: MentaThought (Jul 8, 2005 09:23PM)
Mr. Galloway,

Your two posts in this thread are in terrible taste, coming as they do at this particular time in Mr. Cassidy's life. I urge you to consider requesting that they be removed.
At any other time I would have no objection to them but please, *not now*.
Message: Posted by: J ack Galloway (Jul 8, 2005 10:19PM)
Thank you Parson,

I will be sending check tomorrow.

As I stated before I believe this is how such things should be handled.

I will stand by the reasoning offered in the posts previously offered Menta Thought. I am sure your offered advice is well intentioned.

I would suggest you might do the same as I will do tomorrow and send a check to the address Parson has provided.

Good night,