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Topic: Thoughts and Prayers for UK Mentalists
Message: Posted by: Bob Baker (Jul 7, 2005 08:25AM)
In light of this morning's horrific news from London, I just wanted to extend my thoughts and prayers to UK mentalists and their families/friends for their safety and well-being.

Together we will stand strong against those who seek to defeat us.

Bob Baker
New York
Message: Posted by: Hexagon (Jul 7, 2005 08:30AM)
Thankyou for your words
Message: Posted by: Piers (Jul 7, 2005 08:32AM)
Thanks, Bob,
My wife works in the City, in London. Don't think she'll be home tonight.
Scary stuff.
Best wishes,
Message: Posted by: Lior (Jul 7, 2005 08:34AM)
Bob, Ken Weber and I just visited London.
We hope you are all well

Message: Posted by: entity (Jul 7, 2005 08:39AM)
I'm sure that, upon hearing of this senseless bombing in London today, all of our thoughts on this side of the pond turned to those we know or have corresponded with in the London area. I hope that they were not harmed, and I send my best wishes and my deep concerns for their safety.

Random civilliam bombings serve NO purpose apart from killing innocent people. Despicable!

- entity
Message: Posted by: Mesaboogie (Jul 7, 2005 09:01AM)
I walked past two of the bomb locations minutes after it happened and it was pretty horrific scenes. Our thoughts go to all the families of the dead and injured.
Message: Posted by: Roki (Jul 7, 2005 09:06AM)
Thankyou Bob , your thoughts are much appreciated as is the freindship of your countrymen.

I live in Kings Cross and work in Euston. I was due to visit my bank in Tavistock Square today , where the bus exploded . I had been taking calls from concerned freinds , family and clients all morning . I was safe at home and was mainly concerned for people I know in the area . The mobile networks were too busy .
The husband of a freind was on one of the attacked trains . He said most people were calm even when the smoke began to come in and they gently discouraged those that wanted to break open the windows as there was more smoke outside . They waited for the transport police to lead them out .

I think I was in shock actually because I felt quite emotional when Tony Blair made his announcement from G8 with George Bush standing resolutely behind him.

The reports are that the emergency services have responded very well and the scale of this is managable . The horrendous scale of your own cities suffering is brought to mind and the spirit of those New Yorkers involved will always be an inspiration.

Anyway , have to go , . My thoughts too go out to anyone affected by this from near or far .

With gratitude

Dean H.
Message: Posted by: Sir T (Jul 7, 2005 09:07AM)
Having spent many years in the UK, my thoughts and prays go with the people of the UK!


a nice sight to light a candle for those in the UK
Message: Posted by: Viano (Jul 7, 2005 09:14AM)
Our heart felt sympathies go out to the victims of this latest atrocity. Unfortunately, whether we live in Indonesia, Madrid, London, or New York City, we are all involved in the war on terrorism. They want to destroy our way of life. UBL said they will first destroy our economies.

We must stop now to mourn the dead. But then we must resist the temptation to trade our freedoms for security. We must continue to travel freely and enjoy our freedoms on a daily basis. If we run and hide, they win. It will not end quickly, but we will prevail.


Message: Posted by: Greg Arce (Jul 7, 2005 09:23AM)
I was in New York for 911 and I know how this feels. Take care of yourselves, but as others have said, don't let this hinder your freedom.
I wish you all well in this morbid time... don't let them win... stay strong.

Message: Posted by: John Smetana (Jul 7, 2005 09:49AM)
My thopughts and prayers are with all our friends in the UK. Stand firm and don't ever forget this attack on your country.

All the best,
John Smetana
Message: Posted by: Tom DV (Jul 7, 2005 09:57AM)
I would like to express concern regarding ALL civilian attacks. I have friends and family who live and work in London - my thoughts are with them, and with the families that WE attack daily in the Middle East.


This thread is entering the political...
Message: Posted by: Muddy (Jul 7, 2005 10:12AM)
I'd like to extend my thoughts and prayers to all affected by this tragedy.

I travel in and through London frequently ... I wont let this affect any of my travel plans. The British are a strong bunch and I know they wont allow themselves to be bullied.
Message: Posted by: Brian Turntime (Jul 7, 2005 10:29AM)
All the best to the brave people of London... blessings on you.

You were able to end the IRA campaign of terror, now to defeat the [url=http://www.littlegreenfootballs.com/weblog/?entry=10750&only=yes]al-Muhajiroun.[/url]You will win.
Message: Posted by: Corona Smith (Jul 7, 2005 10:36AM)
I echo Toms sentiment.

And I'm not as sure as some just who is doing the terrorising.

Message: Posted by: sjdavison (Jul 7, 2005 10:44AM)
Thanks Gentlemen,

Horrendous, but, as always, could be much worse. My thanks go to the emergency services, who responded so quickly.

Message: Posted by: Thomas Rudolfo (Jul 7, 2005 11:17AM)
I also want to add my deepest regret to all the people. I also just can shake my head to all this senseless attacks wolrdwide.

Best wishes to all in UK.

Message: Posted by: Sven Rygh (Jul 7, 2005 11:49AM)
My thoughts and prayers to all the affected.
I wish you all the best.

Message: Posted by: RickDangerous (Jul 7, 2005 02:17PM)
German television is reporting since 12 a.m. (or even earlier). Since half of my family (not me) are muslims (normal muslims, who accept and respect other religions) I hope the hate against those fanatic kind of people doesn't go against my family or other muslims. My condolences to all who lost relatives or friends. Stay strong!
Message: Posted by: Turk (Jul 7, 2005 02:27PM)
My condolences to all who lost loved ones or friends in this senseless bombing. Actually, it only remains senseless so long as we don't allow the intended consequences that the terrorists intended (and hope) will occur. Stay strong. And knowing the Brits' strength of character and resolve (remember the Battle of Britain and the London Blitz of WWII?), I feel very confident that the terrorists action of today will be like pi**ing in the wind and, if anything, will have the oppposite of their intended effect and will merely strengthen the resolve of the Brits even more.

Message: Posted by: Roki (Jul 7, 2005 02:34PM)
A small blessing was that the Bus explosion , which has been suggested was an accident , took place outside BMA house . My bank branch , National Westminster is on the ground floor and the rest of the building houses the British Medical Association . Twenty doctors were immediately on the scene to treat the wounded and take them back into the building . Two doctors were Muslim as were some of the victims and some people currently missing.
Message: Posted by: Thomas Rudolfo (Jul 7, 2005 03:09PM)
Well said Roki, it's indeed a small blessing that all the doctors were around there.
And it's also good that you mentioned that some of them are muslims and Rick also is a very good example for tolerance.

I also have a lot of musim friends born in Iran of egypt and now living in Vienna. We NEVER should forget that these evil terrorists are NOT muslims even if they say so.

They deveive themself and are not aware (don't want to be aware) that in Koran the opposite is saying than what they do.

But I don't want to mention any more since this shouldn't get a political discussion.

Again my deepest regret and all thebest for all the people in London and all over the world beeing victims of terrorism and violence.

Message: Posted by: kcalB (Jul 7, 2005 06:07PM)
The prayers & support of the people of New York are with you.

Message: Posted by: ceeswing (Jul 8, 2005 07:26AM)
My condolences to all who lost friends or family.

Message: Posted by: Euangelion (Jul 8, 2005 07:29AM)
Thoughts and prayers to all.