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Topic: Haunted deck Spider Pen hookup
Message: Posted by: nootilus (Jul 7, 2005 10:13AM)
Can anyone advise me on the hookup method for using loops and a spider pen for the haunted deck, I can do the haunted deck without the spider pen, but there was a posting a while back about being able to do this at a distance with a ITR or spider pen, how does this connect to the loop?

Thanks very much..
Message: Posted by: Mustang (Jul 8, 2005 07:57AM)
Im not sure its our place to describe the hook ups since the haunted deck effect is sold as part of "Loops" by Yigel Mesika and other haunted deck effects such as "Spooked" by Nick Einhorn etc. contain their own hookups too. So if you want the hookups I think the right thing to do is purchase the relevant manuscripts.
Message: Posted by: nootilus (Jul 12, 2005 04:22AM)
Thanks very much for the post, I have animated miracles by Mr Mesika, and also loops (5 of in a packet) and also the spider pen, I fully understand the way the haunted deck works and indeed use it frequently, when I wish to leave an audience scratching their heads for a long time after, however what I don't understand is the hookup between the loop and the Spider pen for being able to accomplish this at a distance, there is definately no mention of it in animated miracles or the paperwork that came with the pen or loops, (unless I have overlooked it). the only method I can think of would put too much pressure in too small an area on the loop, any info would be appreciated, or do you know of any documentation that will be of further use?
PS. I would just like to add that the spider pen, and indeed the loop are the most fun items I have purchased in a long time, the reactions on peoples faces is absolutely phenomenal.
Message: Posted by: David Nelson (Jul 20, 2005 02:34AM)

I think your confusion lies in wanting to use loops and a spider pen. I've used many different hook ups for the haunted deck effect, each has strengths and weaknesses, but I've never needed to combine a loop and another type of I.T. such as the kind that comes out of the spider pen.

Do a hook up using either a spider pen or an ITR only and then use their capabilities to move away from the deck before it starts to move.

If I'm mistaken and you're looking for a specific set up that involves a loop and an ITR of some sort then I apologize for my ignorance but I can't see any advantage that using the two together would give you.