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Topic: My review for Bill Malone's "On The Loose" Volume Two.
Message: Posted by: Eddini_81976 (Jul 11, 2005 09:29AM)
As said before, I use a 1-10, with 10 being PERFECT rating scale. I judge on The Tricks, (Impact), Technique, Teaching Style & Understanding, and Video Quality, such as Camera Angles...ECT.

1) Counterfeit Money - This is truly a exceptional routine. Is opening to it is awesome too. He borrows a $20.00, then turns it into a one using a switch everyone here I'm sure already knows. He then produces a Lemon out of his shoe (which I think people would catch onto), and he cuts the lemon and the person's SIGNED $20.00 is pull from the middle of the cut Lemon. This Hit's 'em between the Eyes. The method is a little "dodgy". To me it would work better out of a briefcase which you CAN do too. It's also a tiny bit messy so be sure to have wetnaps with you. Overall the routining and all, I rate this a (9).

2) Cut 'Em High And Tie - This is a Spectator Cuts To The Aces Effect. I like this one alot. I like Cutting Tens a bit better, I just love the misdirection joke at the end. I however use the S.D. on the Last Ten on Cutting Tens, as he does the Last Ace here. There is a nice suprise element though when everyone including you turns there card over and thay are all Aces. I rate this a (8).

3) Think Touch Turn - This is a twisting the aces type of effect based on a Marlo idea. The person selects a card it is lost in the deck...ECT. You take the Aces and they are to try to catch you turning them over. If so you will find there card and so on until one card is face down. You got it it's the selected card. I'd say just about anyone within intermediate Card Handling ability could do this. It's a FUN trick too. I rate it a (8).

4) Favorite Opener - This is actually my Favorite trick to do, though I tell them to completely sandwich the Card between there hands. This is a great one to do for drunks as it is QUICK AND TO THE POINT. I do a D.L. instead of the move he does. Again, I'm not sure why he chooses to do this move when a D.L. is VERY Less Detectable, and so on. I don't get how he chooses his methods at times, BUT again to each their own. Anyway a Card is taken and shuffled into the deck. He shows the wrong card, then puts it or throws it into his spectator's upward palm. It changes into their card basically. This effect is SO STRONG even though to us it's extremely EASY. I made 2 $20.00 Bills in tips in 5 minutes doing this ONE TRICK to two people. That should speak for itself. I rate it a (9.5). His method I'd rate it a (8.5) though.

5) Matrix Presentation - This is your basic Matrix Assembly. HOWEVER Bill's Presentation takes this trick to a whole nother level. It's very funny (Again Bill is a SUPERB entertainer who makes his audience have FUN) trick. It's not difficult either. I rate it a (8).

6) End Of Story - This is Bill's Presentation for Bro. John Hammon's Gemini Twin's. Even Bro. John, told him it was "The Magic Ingredient". It's basically the Gemini Twins story with all the counts...ECT. At the end however you're left with ONE CARD ONLY. I rate it a (8.5).

Now this tape at the end has various misc. sleights that Bill Teaches in great detail. The moves are usefull. It also has a great blooper of him fumbling the "2 Card Impossible Location" trick which is funny. I wish MORE Magic tapes put in a Blooper or two. What can I say I like to watch Bloopers...HaHaHa. He does a GREAT JOB in laughing it off though which is great to learn from. I must mention this besides the explanations he gives real world advice on "Getting Work", and so on, not only on this tape but ALL FOUR tapes. I rate this tape a (8) overall. Read all my reviews to get my take on Bill Malone.