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Topic: Is TMC Law Enforcement Friendly?
Message: Posted by: Skip Way (Jul 13, 2005 03:37PM)
I want to complain verbosely about the use of a Krispy-Kreme-Jelly-Filled-Vanilla- Frosted Donut as the TMC "Sticky Topic" icon! Twenty-years behind a badge...it took retirement, two family interventions and a year of dietary rehab to break the KKJFVF habit. Now, every time I see a "Sticky Subject" I start to salivate, I have Richard Simmons flasbacks and I feel the overwhelming gravitational pull of the neon "Hot Donuts Now!" sign!! Sure! These young hounds today with their wide choice of 24-hour-Salad-&-Energy-Drink joints may avoid the Java-&-Fried-Cake addiction that we older dogs were fettered with. At the very least...replace it with a Dunkin' Donuts icon. THAT we can resist!

:o) Skip
Aw, heck. Don't change a thing. I'll just dust off my Richard Simmons' Sweatin' to COPS cassettes and work it off!
Message: Posted by: Steve Brooks (Jul 13, 2005 08:10PM)