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Topic: Post Editing Suggestion
Message: Posted by: Muddy (Jul 17, 2005 12:44PM)
I'm not sure of the reasoning behind not letting users edit their own posts after a short period of time, but it might save TMC staff some work if you let users edit thier own posts indefinitly. I know I catch some typos in my stuff sometimes after the limit expires. I have also wanted to add a paragraph, but had to post a second time because of the editing time limit.

Just some thoughts ....
Message: Posted by: RiffClown (Jul 17, 2005 01:11PM)
That used to be the case but there were issues with posters deleting real topic starters or getting upset and trying to delete everything they had posted, leaving entire thread orphaned without a topic. just go ahead and place the .csecond post. The Café's Grammar, QC and Staff will adjust it when they drop by.
Message: Posted by: Dave Scribner (Jul 17, 2005 02:02PM)
Muddy, this has been asked before and in addition to Rob's comments, when the staff edits or deletes a post, they read all the following posts to be sure there are no references to the edited or deleted post. Regular members would most likely not take the time to do that.

Rather than start a new post when you want to add or delete something, just report the original and tell us what you want to change.
Message: Posted by: JesterMan (Jul 17, 2005 06:27PM)
The FAQs need to be updated, as they still contain the old info. See below:

"Editing Your Posts

You may edit your own posts at any time, unless the topic is locked. Just go to the thread where the post to be edited is located and you will see an edit icon on the line above your message. Click on this icon and edit the post. No one else can edit your post, except for the forum moderator or the Magic Café administrator.
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