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Topic: Fernando Keops (Formal review)
Message: Posted by: Alejandro Peterson (Jul 18, 2005 06:07PM)
*The DVD No. 1 Is extraordinary, its focus is to teach gambling techniques, this DVD cover in deep detail seconds, centers, bottoms, stacking, estimations, etc, and some effects are presented like the 3 card monte with non gaffed cards. In my opinion this dvd offers all the necessary tools to be able to learn the difficult gambling techniques, after have this dvd the unique thing that you are needed is a deck of cards and a lot of patience for practice. I stand out the effects that come like bonus (Performance Only) since are really extraordinary, by ejm, the version of traveler aces (Invisible palm routine) performed by Keops is stunning and the stronger that I have seen and believe me that I have seen many, each one of the 3 dvds contain extraordinary effects as bonus.

Volume 2 - Gambling Effects:

Think of a card.
This effect is conformed by 2 phases that offer a greater impact at the end. It is a triumph routine, in which cards are mixed face up and face down, with the difference that the card is chosen mentally., after to be mixed the deck in both directions all the cards remain in order except the thought card by the spectator, at the end the whole deck remains in perfect order as a new deck. This version of this Triumph is one of the most beautiful and convincing that I have seen, and to obtain the whole deck in complete order at the end is a kicker and prepare the deck for the next effect.
Impact 9/10
Difficult grade. Intermediate

Ace through ten.
This effect is extraordinary, the magician ask to some spectator which is its favorite suit hearts, spades, clubs or diamonds? The spectator chooses freely a suit (in this case hearts). The magician takes 10 cards of hearts (ace to 10), and placing them to a side of the table. All the remaining cards are mixed completely and the spectator chooses freely a card, returns it to the deck and this is mixed again. The magician asks the spectator to choose a number between one and ten. (suppose that he chooses the 5) the magician takes the 10 cards of hearts up and he places one by one on top of the deck, again he takes the complete deck and he places one by one the ten cards (ace to 10 of cards) face up on the table beginning for the 10 of hearts, the 9 of hearts, 8, 7, 6, the fifth card is placed without turning it because the spectator select the number 5 and continuous placing face up the rest of the cards (4 of hearts, three, two and the Ace of hearts.) then ask to the spectator to turn the 5 of hearts that is face down and it has been transformed into the selected card.

This effect is very good, but has a high degree of difficulty and I will need to practice a lot before utilizing it.
Impact 9.5/10
Difficult grade. Advanced

Stop Trick. This effect consists of selecting a card, to lose it in the package and to deal cards on the table until the spectator said stop, and reveal that it is the selected card.
Impact. 7/10
Difficult grade. Advanced

Jumbo prediction.
This effect is extraordinary, extremely stunning, the magician removes a jumbo card and places it face down at the table, that jumbo card is a prediction. The magician indicates the spectator hold the deck face down in deal grip and to deal very slowly face up cards on the table, and place freely only one card face down and continue dealing face up cards, (only three or four cards after the face down card) when the magician reveals it is exactly the same card that the prediction, very stunning!
Impact 9.5/10 Dificult grade.

Bottom deal trick. Basically it is the selection of a card, the magician start to deal cards and the spectator ask to stop at any time, exactly in that place this the chosen card. (This effect is not my favourite but Keops explanation about psychology, rythm, pauses, and presentation on this effect are very valuable for me.

Impact. 7/10
Difficult grade Advanced

Center deal demostration. This effect is extraordinary, is the type of effect that the spectator chooses a card and returns it to the deck and the magician utilizes random key cards to reveal the selection, the magician explain that the first one indicate the color the second the value and the third the position. The magician shown the first one and the color is correct, then the second that indicates the value, (at this time the random key card is the spectator selected card, and the third card is the one that indicated the position. All the spectators believe that the magician has failed due to that the selected card already was shown, the magician counts the number of cards that indicates the card and really the selection is found there. This it is one of the effects you will enjoy more, because really the spectator believes that the magician failure, Yanel in this case remains mute believing that the magician failed and at the end the reactions are extraordinary.
Impact 10/10
Difficult grade. Advanced

Hand Mucking Prediccion.
The magician puts a prediction card on the table, places the package in ribbon spread and asks spectator to choose freely a card land place it forward on the table. The magician requests the spectator to cover the card with the hand, and then reveal the prediction perfect match with the freely choosen selection.
Impact. 8/10
Difficult grade. Intermediate to advanced.

5 changes.
This effect is extraordinary, one of my favorites of this video. The magician takes the package and rifle the cards requesting the spectator ask stop where desire. The card is shown and then the magician asks 5 chances to find the card commenting that to be a difficult task because the spectator never take of the card of the deck, he is just thinking one card of the riffled deck.
The magician begins to look at the cards of the deck and he shows a card asking if it was the selection, the answer is no and he places it face down on the table and the magician carries out the same thing 3 times but failing in each intent. The magician comments that the fifth change was given to the spectator and asks to eliminate three of the four cards (The missed chances) the remaining card is revealed and is the selected card, as a kicker ending the magician turns each one of the cards that previously had shown and they are of the same value.
Impact. 9.5/10
Difficult grade. Advanced

Center Deal Demostration. This really is a demonstration of center deal with four cards placed in different places of the deck, really stunning. This routine was credited to Martin Nash.
Impact. 10/10
Difficult grade. Advanced

Impossible Estimation.
This effect is my favorite one!, if somebody ask me to show the strongest and stunning routine that show all my card skill without place to doubts this will be my election (For me looks stronger than the center deal demo), since my point of view this is strongest and stunning routine of the DVD and it pay alone the price of the DVD.
The magician explains that exists people that by the simple fact to weigh the cards or by the thickness of the deck can know that quantity of cards, and this techniqnic is known as estimacion.
The magician want to do a demonstration of estimations but with 4 cards not only with one, and takes the 4 cards in this case the seven of the previous effect and places one by one in different parts of the deck, Subsequently it places the deck perfectly squeared on the table and mentions he estimate the first seven was placed under 16 cards, he cut and really there this the first seven. The second revelation is stunning, really extraordinary, the magician comments that to find the first cardl was simple and easy because he place the seven in that place, but to complicate the task he shuffle the cards, he places them on the table and riffle the cards with the left hand and at the same time takes the 7 with the other hand and throws it into the deck, the card enters exactly where is found the second seven. The third revelation carries out it a spectator, the magician riffle the letters facing the spectator. And asks him if saw some seven and to estimate in which place it is, the spectator answers that in the 10 place and really is found there the third seven, the magician again riffle the cards facing spectator and ask if saw the last 7, the spectator answers is yes that the spectator introduce the top card of the deck in the place he think is the last seven and really the last 7 is found. This routine is extraordinary and can be done involving the spectators or not, but really is very stunning. Impact.
Difficult grade. Intermediate

I really recommend this Set nor only for the lover of cheating and gambling techniques, but for every magician that want to see a super professional and charming magician, highly recommended!

Alejandro Peterson
Message: Posted by: God-glorified (Jul 18, 2005 11:04PM)
Wow great review very well thought out as well
Message: Posted by: kidabra (Jul 19, 2005 12:09AM)
Seems like most of the effects range from intermediate to advanced.
I ordered the set last week and awaiting its arrival.
Looking forward to it.
Message: Posted by: iamslow (Jul 19, 2005 05:18AM)
I read the description for his master class dvd and vol 1 in this series, is this the same dvd's??? thanks!

Message: Posted by: magico (Jul 19, 2005 06:07AM)
How is volume 3?
Message: Posted by: Alejandro Peterson (Jul 19, 2005 07:49AM)
The master class dvd is not the seme, but the content is ideantical, so you don't need to buy the master class if you buy Vol 1, but the new DVD is better in production, and about Vol 3, is amazing to, I will post a review as soon as I can.
Message: Posted by: iamslow (Jul 19, 2005 02:55PM)
Thanks alejandro!