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Topic: About last night:my INCREDIBLE close up performance
Message: Posted by: The Mac (Jul 23, 2005 10:57AM)
Hello there.

I just thought I'd share my story from last night- maybe as inspriation for someone just getting into magic..or maybe for myself to look back on. here's what happened.

There were 8 of us, we were sitting my friends "game room". We were playing a board game called 30 seconds ( I don't know if its international) As the evening winding my friend suggested I do some magic as I havent performed for them in a long while.

I decided to perform Derren Browns Lift - using the one girl - it didn't quiet work. but I told them before hand that this was somethign I'm working on and it may not work..but if it does I'll be amazed as well.

So from there I started to do some card magic. Fairly standard ellusionist stuff which seemed to go over very very very well. I then did an effect from Derren Browns Devils Pitcure book (Invisible deal- it looks like real mind reading) they were floored. I mean completely floored - A girl remarked "this is like stuff on tv!!"

I then closed with an effect I've been wanting to do for a long time where the deck visibley vanishes and rose petals are blown from my hand where the deck was. (Paul Harris' vanishing deck + some rose petals - work it out) This went over so well it was like I was doing REAL magic!

The looks of astonishment, sounds of awe, applause and people grabbing my hand to shake it.. reasons I put effort into magic!