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Topic: money morph
Message: Posted by: wu tang (Oct 23, 2002 12:10AM)
Has anyone seen this video yet???
I'm considering getting it. I use the Michael Ammar version. I'm wondering if it is worth getting the video.
Message: Posted by: Dan Watkins (Oct 23, 2002 08:41AM)
I own the video and I use the switch. It is very similar to the version Ammar uses however the final folding and rotating of the billet during the switch is different that enables you to not hesitate at all during the switch.

Kevin's technique allows you to continually fold fold fold fold unfold unfold unfold unfold with no break in rhythm.

Do I like it better than the version Ammar has? Yes. Is it so dynmaically different that you HAVE to switch methods? I would not go so far to say that.

I hope that helps your decision.
Message: Posted by: towledge (Oct 25, 2002 01:46PM)
I think the original Kowalski $100 Bill switch is still just as strong as any. Despite what I hear...the bill never needs to leave the sight of the audience for even a moment even with the original.
Message: Posted by: Magix (Dec 2, 2002 06:02PM)
Does Money Morph use a TT? I'm thinking about trying it to compare to the non-TT version that I am working on.

Also, how does it compare to Visi-Bill? I've researched both here at the Café but I'm still unsure which to try.
Message: Posted by: Dan Watkins (Dec 2, 2002 07:41PM)
Both Money Morph and Visi-bill use TT's.

Money Morph as I said above is a fold fold fold fold (into 16ths) unfold unfold unfold unfold with no break in rhythm.

Visi-bill is a fold fold fold (into 8ths). Pause. Shake the bill up and down. Pause. Unfold unfold unfold.

They both are bill switches. I don't know how else to describe the difference in words other than you seeing them both.
Message: Posted by: Magix (Dec 2, 2002 08:33PM)
Thanks, Dan. You're right, I wish I could see both. I've found video clips of Visi-Bill but not of Money Morph.

I guess my only other question would be, which do you think is easier for a newbie?

BTW, your posts on the Café and your website have been a great help. Thanks loads!
Message: Posted by: magician81 (Dec 2, 2002 09:16PM)
video clips of money morph can be found at http://www.magicsmith.com. just type a search for 'morph'would do. tons of video clips. be sure to check out hypno-bill also it is much more visual but u can't have the bill for inspection..... hope these help.
Message: Posted by: Magix (Dec 2, 2002 09:19PM)
Thanks, great resource for video. Well, at least now I can compare both visually. I may go for Money Morph. They both look good and it's less money to spend.
Message: Posted by: magician81 (Dec 2, 2002 09:30PM)
check out hypno-bill also. u can find the video link in this forum. just type a search for it. the bill is folded in halfs only! the first time i saw it i was blown away. do yourself a justice by checking out this video.
Message: Posted by: Magix (Dec 2, 2002 09:57PM)
I saw this one too and it is impressive. I may consider it later, but right now I want something I can hand out when I'm done. Thanks anyway!
Message: Posted by: joseph (Dec 9, 2002 09:23AM)
Roger Klause also has a video on the effect. Anyone have it? :rolleyes:
Message: Posted by: Zombie Magic (Dec 31, 2011 11:54PM)
This is an old thread.

Michael Close gave a thumb up to Money Morph. He was the person that convinced Kevin King to release it. On the other hand, John Lovick didn't care for it.

I use Mike Ammar's handling ( see his DVD on the BIll Switch ) but use the Money Morph fold.

The best source on this plot is Lovick's book Switch.