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Topic: Aronson Stack!!
Message: Posted by: Midwestmagic (Aug 4, 2005 04:38PM)
I have been studying this stack for about a month now and my claim is that when I am finished there only two people who might would know it better than me and they would be 1 Simon himself and Micheal Close!!
Message: Posted by: Alan M (Aug 4, 2005 05:08PM)
I have been working on the Aronson stack for about a week and a half. I have all cards memorized but I don't have them down cold- I am still slow with my recognition. Other than Aronson's books, what resources are you using to learn effects with the stack? I am interested in gathering as much material as possible for implementing this technique. Thanks for any input you have to offer,
Message: Posted by: van (Aug 4, 2005 11:07PM)
Mike Close's Workers #5, and Juan Tamariz' Mnemonica