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Topic: Card Brand Differences
Message: Posted by: Schismatized (Aug 4, 2005 09:44PM)
What seperates bicylce cards from taly ho? what about hoyle? what about any brand for that matter? Can you give me some of the cons and pros to the different brands and why you like to use them?
Message: Posted by: jcards01 (Aug 5, 2005 06:08AM)
Bicycles are readily available and recognizable. Fair quality.

Tally Ho's are a much better quality card IMO. I use these regularily.

Bee's are great quality cards, but limited as to what you can do except if you do strictly gambling material. Otherwise their all back design does not lend itself favorably to 'reverse' card type effects.

Back in the 70's, I used Hoyle's all the time. Their quality was great. Then they too changed. Haven't used them in quite some time.

Stud playing cards have had a good feel and quality to them lately. Not bad to use.

Streamline and Mavericks also had a good feel to them years ago but have not used them in awhile.
Message: Posted by: dead_man (Aug 5, 2005 07:32AM)
I use bikes, most people around here have never heard of tally-ho
Message: Posted by: jcards01 (Aug 5, 2005 08:05AM)
Most people I perform for have never heard of tally ho's either. Shouldn't really matter!
Message: Posted by: Foucault (Aug 5, 2005 09:10AM)
In addition to being the most recognizable brand in the US, Bicycles are also the brand used by most gaffed card tricks.

I've also heard (but I've not tried it myself, so I can't verify) that the "air cushion finish" on Bicycles don't allow fanning powder to work.
Message: Posted by: Schismatized (Aug 5, 2005 10:27AM)
Fanning powder?
Message: Posted by: Foucault (Aug 5, 2005 10:48AM)
Fanning powder is a product that you sprinkle on your cards to supposedly make cards fan more smoothly
Message: Posted by: junkdz (Aug 5, 2005 04:57PM)
I use bicycles for most things, but to practice effects involving destruction of a card, like by signing or ripping, I've been using 2/$1 cards found at any dollar store. They have a plastic feel and don't hold up to weel, but they are a lot cheaper than the bikes.
Message: Posted by: Essie (Aug 6, 2005 09:16PM)
I prefer bicycles over most other cards, mainly because most people are familiar with them (so they're less likely to think it might be a trick deck). Also, they're relatively inexpensive compared to other decks of cards and they have a decent quality finish. I get my cards at costco, I think it's something like a 12 pack of red and blue bikes for $13. Also, I'm not sure why you'd want to use fanning powder on bikes. They suck for stage manipulation because of the white borders (and they're thick), and I don't really see any point of using powder for close-up magic. If you've got manipulation cards, it's a whole different story though, since the powder really can make a difference in terms of the cards fanning evenly and smoothly.
Message: Posted by: Frank Tougas (Aug 6, 2005 10:47PM)
Most of the brands mentioned are made by the United States Playing Card Company. Currently Bikes are the most recognizeable among the general populace, although sometimes I think it is we magicians that make up the bulk of the customers since the big users, casinos have their cards custom printed.

At one time Aviator was the most recognizeable and that was how Fox Lake Cards by Haines came to be. I still have some favorite Fox Lake effects that are printed to match Aviator brand. Miko is one of them. Hoyle is made by another company and made a splash in the magic world quite a number of years ago when they released several trick pckages with their cards including Svengali, stripper, and invisible packs.

Even the ones printed by the same company have their own charcteristics and feel to them. Use what is best since there is no answer to which is the best card - depends on what you need and want.

Frank Tougas
Message: Posted by: Schismatized (Aug 8, 2005 07:59PM)
Well what characteristics or feel does each brand have?
Message: Posted by: Frank Tougas (Aug 9, 2005 11:45PM)
Well your profile gives absolutely no info as to where you are from. If you are from the U.S. the best way is to buy a pack of each and play around with them. It is going to be personal preference in the end anyway.

You might try asking about characteristics in the cards fourm. Not being a card guy I'd have no idea how to address the question. My experience hs been with Aviator and Bicycle brands.

Frank Tougas