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Topic: New Tenyo Item- Escape king
Message: Posted by: Platt (Oct 25, 2002 09:53AM)
There's a review over at Allmagic.com.

Apparently it's gimmick free. Other than that, it sounds very Tenyo. Does anyone have this one?
Message: Posted by: Magnus (Oct 25, 2002 11:15AM)
Seems pretty nice. Is there any demonstration video avaliable? :confused:
Message: Posted by: Faroshuffle (Feb 8, 2003 07:09AM)
This is a really clever idea. It's screaming for a really good presentation though. I also think, once you own the secret, you could come up with a way to make it look less "magic shoppy". It's a pretty neat thing. :stuckinbag:
Message: Posted by: Bernard Sim (Feb 8, 2003 09:28AM)
I think magicsmith has a video on it. You can also check Tenyo's official site for the video. The video doesn't look good though. You might even figure out how its done after watching it.
Message: Posted by: alexhui (Feb 8, 2003 10:17PM)
I own all the Tenyo new items. If you like some clever and quick effects, I think you might invest in Escape King. However, that is not a GREAT effect. I cannot fool someone with this sometimes. And some people think it is not a good magic as well.