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Topic: Raven
Message: Posted by: Max (Sep 16, 2001 04:46PM)
I have just ordered the Raven, I saw a coin vanish with it and thought it was great. Anyone have any thoughts or routines they use that might give me some ideas that I may use.

Message: Posted by: Magicman0323 (Sep 19, 2001 06:14PM)

I just ordered the raven myself recently, and from what I've been told you should really buy the video as it's extremely useful.

Good Luck with it. :)
Message: Posted by: Max (Sep 20, 2001 05:19PM)
Thanks Magicman,

I just ordered it.
Message: Posted by: Magicman0323 (Sep 20, 2001 05:53PM)
Max, no problem..Glad I could recommend it, let me know how you like it !!!!
Message: Posted by: Steve Brooks (Sep 20, 2001 08:14PM)
Welcome to the cafe Max, be sure and let us know what you think about the Raven when it arrives. Post your opinion in "The good, the bad, and the garbage" forum. Thanx! :wavey:
Message: Posted by: Bernard Sim (Sep 30, 2001 05:25AM)
Iíve got the Reel Raven (deluxe set). The set comes with a video and some gaffed coins.

What made me buy it, was after I watched the trick being exposed on TV (looks good even though it was being exposed).

The Raven has it pros and cons. One of the pros is the vanish is very clean and there are many ways to use the Raven (most of it shown in the video).

The cons is that the set-up is not really easy (youíll need mis-directions). Use it as a opener and itíll work fine. :kermit:
Message: Posted by: Tom Wolf (Oct 12, 2001 06:10PM)
Hi all,

I purchase the Raven in white and black so that I could use it with what ever clothes that I had on.

Also, I purchased the video, which really helped me to master it.

It takes a little while to get used to the hook-up, but, well worth the trouble.

When done well, it looks like real magic as I am sure you all know already.

I wish that I had it years ago.

Mago :wow: