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Topic: First 'Performance' In A While.
Message: Posted by: Shawn74 (Aug 12, 2005 06:00PM)
I use the quotes around the word performance, because I am not a professional. I enjoy magic and I enjoy making those around me smile. So I was at work and it was a slow night. My boss saw me messing with my cards, and I had shown him a trick before, so he came over and wanted me to do more. I said 'OK' figureing the only way that I'll ever perform is just do it and not stress about messing things up so much. So I ended up going through every card trick I thought I could perform regularly. 10 effects and only missed 1. and the only reason I messed that one up was b/c someone walked up behind me and got the 'backstage' view.

I also did a small coin manipulation routine. I was given the compliment that I would be hanged if it were a different time in history. lol.

It definatly made me feel good.

This weekend I'm going to a family reunion and the heat is on again from relatives this time, many I've never met. Hopefully I don't get nervous and decide to do nothing.

Just wanted to share this experiance, since many of you here have helped me start getting into the mind set that just perform and don't worry too much about flubbing an effect, it's bound to happen. That's the other side of practice.

Thanks again everyone
Message: Posted by: Shawn74 (Aug 19, 2005 02:40AM)
Just an update. I went to the family reunion last weekend. THere were about 25 to 30 people there gathered in a meeting hall wanting me to do magic. I wanted to say "I do close-up, just sit down and I'll come by your table when I'm ready." Probably a good thing that I didn't, though, because I probably wouldn't have done anything then.

So I get up in front of everyone and start with some card manipulations, thinking that would be best. Actually got some ooos and awwws out of that, which did wonders in building my confidence at the moment, because I was extremely nervous. Then I did a couple of close up tricks for the kids there, doing my best so that everyone could see the chosen cards. Except every time I did a trick, the kids would push in closer.

Yeah, I messed up a couple of times, I even messed up my ACR, which usually is so smooth at home. I chaulked it up to nerves and covered in a way that made it seem magical to me, too. Seemed to go over well. I must say that being in front of that many people, I was able to stop worrying so much about who was burning my hand, if anyone.

The only disheartening thing that I found was that my wife was standing off to my right and in front of me and said that I had some very bad angles from there, but I was mainly performing to those in front of me (the kids) and to the left, since that was where most of my family was standing. She also pointed out that she knew what to look for, while those sitting around her were just plain baffled if they could see what I was doing. I think my body was hiding a lot of it.

All and all, I got a lot of compliments, a lot of how did you do that's, and a lot of kids wanting to know if I could do some of the craziest things I've ever heard. It was a little hard to get them to leave me alone for the rest of the night so I could converse with relatives. One guy even said "You've got some good moves. I was gonna ask you to come up and play cards with us, but I don't think so." It was all in jest, so I took it as a compliment. One of the reasons I was so nervous is because looking around his house I could tell this guy was a huge poker fan.

The only other problem I've found, even though that went over pretty well, is that now I feel more afraid to perform than I did before. I don't know if that's just because I started focusing on the negative too much, or what.

Just thought I would let you know how it went

Message: Posted by: Chrystal (Aug 19, 2005 04:48AM)
Hi Shawn,

Thanks for sharing your story with us. Enjoyed hearing about how it went and the more you perform the better you'll get at handling the nerves. Sounds like you did a great job!

Message: Posted by: Jaz (Aug 19, 2005 04:14PM)
Good for you Shawn!

It sounds like you learned a lot form your experience. You should have.

The fear you feel to perform more may come from
your messing up a well know trick,
the idea that you will be expected to do weird things and what other magicians do,
thoughts about your performance and the work that may be involved to improve.

Best of luck and keep at it.
Message: Posted by: Brent McLeod (Aug 23, 2005 06:46PM)
Well done Shawn-

You may want to consider only doing 2-3 effects -your best ones!!

Always a good thing to leave your audience wanting more-Your reputation will grow as will your confidence-then add more to your repotoire'

At Gatherings I'm not hired to perform for etc-I quite often do a spectators selected card that they dealt is red backed & signed in a blue deck as the chosen card etc-works well for tables of people etc friends,-I also have a stand up effect like Silk to egg to finish off if theres a larger crowd who want 1 more effect then I stop-People will be talking to you all night!!

Keep it up!!