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Topic: Magic related songs
Message: Posted by: smokeandmirrors (Aug 30, 2005 09:56PM)
Hey guys, I know there are a lot of them out there, but I'm a young "whippersnapper" so I'm not as familiar as I should be with them. What are the ones you guys know? My favorites are Black Magic Woman, Do You Believe in Magic, and Hipnotized (this one is by Pillar, a Christian rock group.)
Message: Posted by: magicmanrob (Aug 31, 2005 06:09AM)
Lets see, Abracadabra and Magic carpet ride by Steve Miller, Every thing she does is Magic by the Police, Magic Bus by The Who , Magic Man by Heart, Black Magic Woman by Fleetwood Mac , That old Black Magic by Frank Sinatra , Magic by the Cars just to name a few
Message: Posted by: BryanDreyfus (Aug 31, 2005 08:25AM)
Black Magic Woman is by Santana.

Message: Posted by: smokeandmirrors (Aug 31, 2005 01:04PM)
Great ones, guys. Are there any other favorites out there?