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Topic: Hurricane Fundraiser shows?
Message: Posted by: magicman02 (Sep 1, 2005 05:01PM)
I have an idea that I would like to get people opinion on. Due to the devasting damage that Hurricane Katrina has caused in N.O. I thought we as mentalist/entertainers could do our part to help. I was thinking of approaching local clubs/restaurants and doing a fundraising show with the proceeds going to the relief fund. I think it is a win/win situation for everyone, people have a night out and be entertained and the money goes to a good cause. What do you guys think?
Message: Posted by: Simone (Sep 1, 2005 05:29PM)
I think anything will help really, though people might be skeptical (there's that word again) of where the money is going. I thought of doing readings with the same intention, after all, I have gotten readings in the French Quarter before. I'm thinking of a way to make it more legitimate instead of me just sitting somewhere telling people the money will go to a good cause. If anyone has any ideas on how we can present this, please post. I'm reading.
Message: Posted by: JohnLamberti (Sep 1, 2005 05:38PM)
I can't imagine anyone saying no to something like that. Anything will help at this point. If you have the means to throw one together, then I think that a straight up mentalism/magic show would be fun and would take people's minds off of the tragedy that is happening now.

But the best thing any of us can do is to give as much money as we can afford. They need all the help we can give them, and cash is the best way we can help at this point.
Message: Posted by: NJJ (Sep 1, 2005 05:41PM)
Sounds like a great idea!
Message: Posted by: magicman02 (Sep 1, 2005 05:51PM)
Thanks guys! I am thinking of doing a dinner/show so people get their money worth. We had something like this last spring when the Tsumani hit, and it raised a lot of money. I think this quote sums it up the best

"A Pleasant Illusion is better then a harsh reality."

And we are living in a very harsh reality right now :(
Message: Posted by: jimtron (Sep 1, 2005 07:31PM)
Semi-off topic:

[url=http://www.charitynavigator.org]Here[/url] is a site that rates charities; you can see where your money is going.
Message: Posted by: Slim King (Sep 1, 2005 08:58PM)
I lost two sweet gigs at The House of Blues in New Orleans comming up in October. The more that I can do the better. I love working that town. The French Quarter ROCKS! I'm up for doing a benefit...Blues Brothers or Mentalism's Psychic Shriner....Professor Howdy Nodat.
Count me in on any benefit shows.
Message: Posted by: Reuben Dunn (Sep 3, 2005 10:59AM)
I'm a transplanted Californian in the UK.

I've got several dozen members of my family in Lousianna, New Orleans to be exact, and we've not heard from them since before the hurricane.

If there are any UK based performaers who would like to see about putting on a show of some sort, perhaps we could set something out.

I live in the Coventry Area but have a full petrol tank so distance isn't a concern.
Message: Posted by: ALEXANDRE (Sep 3, 2005 07:27PM)
This is a great country ... we can certainly count on our people to help each other out when needed. Keep it up citizens, we're doing the best we can from Florida.
Message: Posted by: noumena (Sep 3, 2005 07:57PM)
I am putting one on in Orange County, CA at one of the local universities large theaters. Their film depatment, which is one of the top in the nation, offered to shoot the event with 4 cameras and edit at for me for free. I didn't expect that at all. Hopefully, we will raise a great deal of money and have three shows total.

You guys might want to look into doing the same thing at one of the larger local colleges in your area.

Take care,
Brandon Cross
Message: Posted by: Acecardician (Feb 12, 2006 01:53AM)
Subject: Katrina Victims

The Society of American Magicians Magic Endowment Fund has made
to assist magicians who are victims of the recent hurricanes in the
Gulf Coast
and in Florida. To date eight people have received funds to help them
get a
new start. Many victims have still not been able to get to their old
homes to
access damage. Some magicians have lost their livelihoods and props.
assistance needs are confidential and are evaluated by the special
trustees and
payments are immediate. To receive aid, victims do not need to be
members of
the S.A.M. - There is more to be done. donations to the Red Cross and
agencies do not necessarily reach our magicians directly,- Send
donations to
S.A.M. Magic Endowment
Fund- 234 Towyn Court- Ambler PA 19002- All donations are tax