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Topic: Help buying
Message: Posted by: the amazing brian (Sep 3, 2005 02:33PM)
Can anyone please tell mea book or dvd with some great mentilism effects

Message: Posted by: Dr. Zordas (Sep 3, 2005 03:18PM)
...I've just transmitted my thoughts to you now. Some great stuff here. (no, don't bother looking at your 'in box'...) :confused:

Dr. Zordas
Message: Posted by: Dr. Zordas (Sep 3, 2005 04:07PM)
...I'm sensing that my thoughts didn't get through. Maybe because there's no 'on-line' icon visible. ;)

Nevertheless, 'Theater of The Mind' is the direction you need to follow...
Good luck!

Dr. Zordas
Message: Posted by: calexa (Sep 3, 2005 04:24PM)
Mind Mysteries 1 by Mr. Osterlin
Psy Series byBanacheck

Message: Posted by: Reuben Dunn (Sep 3, 2005 09:47PM)
A decent selection I would personally recommend to you would be:

Mental Miracles - Bob Cassidy. Available commercially. This was the first DVD that I bought and the routines he does are fairly easy to do, the trick being to adapt the effect to your performance style. His Name/Place Routine (Done with a CT rather than a BS works better IMO.)and Chronologue are two of the better effects.

I would also recommend either DVD set that Richard Osterland produced. For entry level into the craft I'd possible recommend his Modern Mental Miracles set in which he does several Annemann effects as well as some others.Again the materials at hand to perform the effects are easily accessible.

As far as books, Maven, Cassidy, Earle are three people I would put as a foundation to the craft.

Hope this helps.
Message: Posted by: jimtron (Sep 3, 2005 09:55PM)
Books: Mind, Myth, and Magick by T.A. Waters; Paramiracles by Ted Lesley; 13 Steps to Mentalism by Corinda; Practical Mental Effects by Annemann.

DVDs: Maven, Osterlind, Banachek.
Message: Posted by: Tom Jorgenson (Sep 6, 2005 10:09AM)
Don't forget to get Karl Fulves' 'Self Workng Mentalism' book...it's the cheapest of almost all the Mentlism books (under $10), easy to plow thru, and you might pick up a few effects that become your favorites.