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Topic: Novel Impression Devices?!
Message: Posted by: MagoStevo (Sep 5, 2005 12:22PM)
Thought I want to get more information and reviews for all the impression devices on the market,so I am posting a new topic here.I am working on a prototype of impression device,so I want to find out whether any ID on the market right now can meet following conditions:

1)using thick marker pen (allows bigger font especially for stage show) that doesn't stain the next paper under beneath.It means it is impossible to create impression for conventional methods that require minimal pressure from writting/drawing.It's because most sharp spectators aware that pen or pencil can create marking,so I want to use big marker.
2)No awkward angle and unnatural handling to peek.The peek itself takes only seconds and can be surrounded.
3)The impression is always clear (the impression is exact duplication,not in mirror image) regardless the pressure applied.(even if the spectators themselve do not write/draw clearly!)
4)Once the drawing/writting is done,that paper can be removed and taken away.All the rest of papers can be taken away at the same time (It could be just using one paper throughout)
5)No lighting limitation.
6)No electronic.
7)No carbon papers or onion skin papers
8)No refill
9)Reset in less than 1 second,close-up,under the nose of spectators,without virtually changing anything of the ID.(which means you can do multiple peek of different spectators' information using the same ID in a snap.)
10)Self-contained.Nothing added or taken away.
11)spectator have the choice of using other side of the port folio to create impression at anytime of performing with nothing to switch/change.

It is A4 size port folio style but a very thin,light & portable one.
When not in use as a impression device,it can be use as a A4 size magician close up pad ideal for 3 shells game and when it is opened it becomes A3 size close up pad,ideal for ribbon-spreading all the playing cards showing the suits.
It also features similar concept with Richard Osterlind's ThoughtScan (sorry,i am not sure it's Dunninger board's concept or Richard's) features for Q&A act but with a major difference that the billets are placed in full view for performer (not hidden ) and yet can be shown empty at anytime.
So far,my protype is being finalised and I want to make sure it is original but I don't see myself buying all the impression device or clipboard on market to find out and that's why I want to check whether anyhing so far on the market has similar features.Any input is welcome and appreciated.
Besides,any suggestion for who should I get in touch with in order to market my product if everything goes well?Thank you very much.

Message: Posted by: Clinton Wayne (Sep 5, 2005 01:21PM)
Perhap if you send a few slect professional a portfolio we can perform for you and give you some more ideas and tell you how it's good OK. I have privated you my mailing aedress and will sen you my thoughts or post them on the Café when I recieve the gimickOK. Thank you.
Message: Posted by: MagoStevo (Sep 6, 2005 04:33AM)
Thanks for all the pm and information you guys gave,it's been really helpful.I am aware that some of the top notch clip board or ID using the same concept but I am yet to find out if my setup and peeking prosedure is nay better or advances.I am hoping more PM from you guys and thanks very much.

Many thanks,