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Topic: Mark Wilson
Message: Posted by: Dusty the magic clown (Sep 8, 2005 07:08AM)
I was recently told that Mark Wilson may be coing to New England in the near future I wll keep you all updated if you wish he is doing a series of lectures here in the near future
Message: Posted by: Canadian Guy (Sep 9, 2005 12:38PM)
How about a lecture in Studio City...at a shop called The Magic Apple...
Message: Posted by: Father Photius (Sep 11, 2005 08:42PM)
Mark's lectures are worth their weight in gold, no magician knows as much about the business of magic than he does. He and Nani are two of the most friendly and warm folks in the world too. You will come away feeling like you have known them all ur life. And Nani is still the most beautiful woman in magic.
Message: Posted by: phaddad2 (Oct 22, 2005 10:43PM)
They were in Groton Ct on Oct 13th. It was not so much a lecture but a walk down memory lane. I felt it was worth every penny to here of all the magic history that they have been part of.
Message: Posted by: ufo (Nov 1, 2005 02:56PM)
For those in the middle states...Mark and Nani will be the special guests at the Cavalcade of Magic this weekend (Nov 5&6 '05) in Oklahoma City! Cant wait! Mark was the reason I began in magic.
Message: Posted by: cardone (Nov 1, 2005 11:18PM)
If you see Mark ask him when he is going to release his show on DVD. no more video...
Message: Posted by: gman (Nov 2, 2005 07:23AM)

When he was in Reading, PA, he had his shows on DVD and video. His lecture was good as he told many stories of his life in magic. I think that if he does a lecture in New England it would be worth it.

I enjoyed myself.
Message: Posted by: Father Photius (Nov 2, 2005 05:26PM)
He's been transfering stuff to DVD as he gets rid of the VHS he has in stock, he is also going to be in the NE Texas area following OKC, then ending his run in Tulsa. See "So Happy Together" forum for his Texas-Tulsa schedule. Anyone planning to catch Mark in Ft. Worth, see you there.
Message: Posted by: cardone (Nov 5, 2005 08:06PM)
Thanks for the info on the DVD Guys....I can't wait!!!!
Message: Posted by: Canadian Guy (Nov 11, 2005 06:41PM)
I hear is going to make an appearance in Studio City...at the magic store on the second floor!
details to come...
Message: Posted by: Father Photius (Nov 14, 2005 11:37AM)
Mark and Nani had all the Magic Land of Alakazam, Magic Circus, and quite a few other videos out in DVD at the Ft. Worth lecture. Nani said she just hand't got around to doing the video course in magic in DVD yet, but would add it to her growing list. Even though they aren't on Mark's site, if you will email nani at the email address from Mark's site http://www.markwilsonmagic.com and tell her which vids you want in DVD she can take care of it for you.