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Topic: Fickle fire/omega fire/fire from hands effects.
Message: Posted by: haywire (Sep 8, 2005 12:24PM)
I figured I'd start another thread asking for suggestions for effects using fire from hands gimmicks like omega fire or fickle fire.

While they look awesome, I am curious how practical they are for actual use to enhance or create an effect. I am also curious to see besides hey wow I look cool
there is fire shooting from my hands, what can be done with them.

I once saw a magician produce a silk from fire, I think he was using a device like fickle or omega fire. I've seen another magician vanish something in the fire...

What else can be done, and what are you using yours for?

Message: Posted by: Mystician (Sep 19, 2005 12:18PM)
Hey Steven,

I've got a pair of fickle fire, but I don't really use 'em.. at least, I haven't found a really good use for them yet, that I can't get with my invisotorch, more or less. There's really no good way to end up clean, unless you build a reason in your routine to go to your pockets, or design some kind of super p**l for 'em.
For actual stage use though, like you sometimes do, they might not seem so limiting.