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Topic: The best Auto Light Match.
Message: Posted by: Gede Nibo (Sep 13, 2005 12:59AM)
Im new to this part of the Café, so be easy on me...

I am seeking info on the BEST, easiest setup, resetable AUTO LIGHT MATCH.

I have found these: http://www.misdirections.com/shop5.html (scroll down)

one is by EL Duco, and one by Lair. Are they the same basic method, or is one more reliable etc.?

and is the ol' controversial "Daemons dirt" involved?

can I, or must I gaff my own matches?

thanx ahead,

Message: Posted by: Mystician (Sep 14, 2005 11:37AM)
I'm not sure how that works, Gede, but there's a book called "Act 2" by Michael P Lair, the creator, that explains how to do not only this effect, but several more, for just over $6. Best price I've seen around by far ! (for the book, not the separately marketed effect)

(Michael Lair is also the creator of the Fantasio Candles - he's a pyro wiz.)
Message: Posted by: Jim Pace (Sep 15, 2005 07:10PM)
Fantasio, is the creator of Fantasio candles.
Message: Posted by: Mystician (Sep 15, 2005 08:58PM)
D'oh !!

Boy that was a gaff, and not a magical one.
I'm trying to track down the site that led me to believe that,to check the actual wording - but, he does do a lot of work with Fantasio candles, has done modifications to them, and has written many a book on using them too.
In a way, he appears to be "Mr. Fantasio" due to his frequent association with them.
But man, I knew that. What the heck was I thinking ?!? :huh:
Sleep deprivation is not good ..