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Topic: Ideas for stage effects
Message: Posted by: Dusty the magic clown (Sep 13, 2005 11:02AM)
Hello all,

I am fairly new to magic, and I'm looking for a few ideas for stage effects. I already have a change bag, as well as a set of linking rings. I am getting the bandanna trick too. But I need more ideas. For background info, I don't have a a lot of $ to buy huge props or carrying cases but I want stuff people can see if I perform at an outdoor stage at night I have Mark Wilson's book and some of those are ok but I don't want to steal his effects.

Message: Posted by: Kent Wong (Sep 13, 2005 01:02PM)
Hmm .. It's hard to recommend something without knowing a little more about your interests and abilities, as well as your intended audience. Generally speaking, though, if you are short on cash, the biggest return will usually be in books. For instance, you can get a ton of books on silk magic or rope magic. These types of effects can be very visual and play towards a larger audience. The benefit is that you don't have to go out and buy a ton of props.

But having said that, don't let the tricks determine your show. It should be the other way around. Start with your intended audience and try to determine the types of effects and performance that is best suited for that audience. Then pick and choose your effects with that audience in mind. Hope that helps.

Message: Posted by: Harry Murphy (Sep 13, 2005 03:20PM)
Dusty, you have Mark Wilsonís Course in Magic book. That gives you several nice starter illusions and a ton of stand up magic tricks that can be used on stage. You donít need to go any farther looking until you have tried them. Using them is not stealing his effects. Actually they are not his at all. I seriously doubt, if you build of the illusions in that book and develop a presentation for it, that you will be doing anything that Mr. Wilson does.

If you would do a search here on one-man illusions, Andrew Mayne, and the name of any specific illusion you might be interested in. It is surprising what has already been discussed here. Take some time and review the threads in this section and see if you donít find a treasure trove of answers.

Frankly, as I review your posts across the various sections and threads here you appear to have a shotgun approach and ask similar questions in each category. Is that from real interest or to build your post count? In one section you tell us that you perform. In another you tell us you use a TT and keep waving it so the spectator canít see it. In still another you tell us that you worked for Disney. In yet another you imply that you are a beginner.

Somehow I feel as if you are putting us on.
Message: Posted by: Eric Leclerc (Sep 14, 2005 12:20AM)
I agree.... I am confused by Dusty... I see you everywhere and what you say is always inconsistent... Study Mark Wilson's Book.. Do the tricks you like and that have appeal to you and think your target audience would love to see..

don't worry your almost at 50 posts
Message: Posted by: Brent McLeod (Sep 14, 2005 03:43PM)

For starters get a new stage name for this Cafť!

Mark Wilsons book is all you will need at this stage-Are you a member of a local magic club-They can help you immensely-Check out a member who may be able to help as well.

Good Luck at this stage of your career
Message: Posted by: The Drake (Sep 14, 2005 06:02PM)
Whats wrong with Dustythemagicshrineclown as a name? Its informative...his name is dusty...he does magic ....hes's a clown AND he's a proud noble. ( Shriner )

Dusty....you can't go wrong with a "fraidy cat rabbit" for kids magic. It ALWAYS goes over huge...don't ask me why but it always does..even with kids who have seen it a million times before. Very little practice needed with this one and its an instant routine!



Now..I'm reading your mind Dusty and the answer is "not yet..but I'm a big supporter."
Message: Posted by: asper (Sep 16, 2005 04:04PM)
Billiard Balls: Packs Small, Plays Big (make sure to get 2" balls, you'll get used to them soon enough). The Wakeling routine is a good place to start.