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Topic: Starting out
Message: Posted by: the_houdini_jester (Sep 14, 2005 08:16PM)
Hi everybody! I want to start doing Billiard ball magic. I need some tips for beginers. Also, if you recomend a trick, make sure you can do it surrounded and it uses Slight of Hand.

Message: Posted by: EvanMagic (Sep 14, 2005 08:58PM)
Now when you mean billiard ball magic, do you mean between the fingers multiplying visibly? Because if you do, the most common way to perform cannot be done surrounded. If your into the billiard ball magic I just talked about, start off with Goshman multiplying sponge balls. Once you get the feel and master the basic moves, upgrade to Fakini's, not Vernet, or any other cheap brand. As you may be well aware of, Fakini is THE best to most of the members on the Café. Videos by artist such as Tim Wright, or Jeff McBride can lead you off to the best start.

Have fun,

Message: Posted by: the_houdini_jester (Sep 15, 2005 05:58AM)
Is there any Billiard magic I can do surrounded?
Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Sep 15, 2005 02:25PM)
On 2005-09-15 06:58, the_houdini_jester wrote:
Is there any Billiard magic I can do surrounded?

Yes and No! You only have to work with your palm toward your chest and stomach. There are none shell routines published also in a few books.
Message: Posted by: magic4u02 (Sep 17, 2005 07:12PM)
I do a lot of festivals and have learned to adapt my billard ball moves to allow me greater area of performance and agles and prevents people from seeing anything no matter where they really are standing.

However, I must stress, that you will want to begin by not limiting yourself just yet. Practice and learn the moves from as many sources as you can find. Just build up your knowledge of billiard ball moves, skills and sequences. Only when you get this knowledge can you start to learn to adapt the moves to what best suits your performing needs.

Some great beginner tapes/DVDs are the McBride set on billiard balls, thimbles and coins. These are very well done and a great source for any billiard ball manipulator. I also like an old book called "It's Easier Then you Think" By Geoffry Buckingham. It has great information on there on the moves and also covers off on body loads and misdirection during an act or routine. These are both very great to start with.

I wish you all the best. You can certainly do them surrounded if you need to, but as I stated before, start off learning the standards and the moves and learn as much as you can before you learn to adapt them. You will find it much easier this way.

Message: Posted by: the_houdini_jester (Sep 20, 2005 07:33PM)
Are there any manipulation tricks that you can do surrounded(it doesn't have to be Billiard)?

Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Sep 20, 2005 09:39PM)
Close-up magic affords many good manipulation or sleight of hand magic that can be done surrounded. For stage or stand-up in front of a large group, manipulation can be done surrounded but you must leave out many moves/effects that cannot be used.

Being you are extending your question, I come to think you are not on the same page as the many who are trying to help and answer your question. So now is the time for a detailed question from you, if you expect further help or suggestions.

Manipulation covers doves, coins, cigarette, silks, playing cards, dice, fire, rope, paper, newspaper, smoke, bubbles, etc., etc., etc. Which are you speaking of? And please do not ask if the spectators can examine the tricks, and if you are left clean before and after the trick.

If your question is for close-up, you posted your question in the wrong topic.
Message: Posted by: icentertainment (Sep 21, 2005 12:56AM)
Ball and silk routines can be done surrounded
Message: Posted by: the_houdini_jester (Sep 21, 2005 04:40PM)
Wmhegbli, I am looking for some coin, cards, and ball magic. It doesn't have to be close up but it does need to be surrounded.

Message: Posted by: icentertainment (Sep 22, 2005 03:24AM)
Learn Contact Juggling- Like David Bowie in Labrinth

Blow some bubbles produce a clear ball do the contact uggling bit -whixh looks reallly cool

then combine it with a silk production and then fo into ball and silk routine

These can be done surrounded pretty to watch. then get a bubble blower in a top hat on a stand and use this as your finale.

Frank Garcia Million Dolar card production from memory can be done urrounded - just keep your hands closer to your body as well as Perfect productions

Coin magic is pretty easy to cover your tracks- angle wise

very easy to cover your angles with this routine.

Please be specific on your performing conditions