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Topic: Rabbit/Duck Take Apart Box Question
Message: Posted by: bry1513 (Sep 16, 2005 04:20PM)
Does anyone know of any plans or manufacturers of the table that is used in the take apart box. I'm speaking of the gimmicked table that you set the pieces on as you take apart the box. I know xrillusions makes one but it looks like a ata case and is not as deceptive as I would like. (Although I love their take apart box.) Any help or direction would be appreciated.

Take care, Bry
Message: Posted by: WayneNZ (Sep 16, 2005 06:22PM)

Also Chance Wolf may be able to help You.
Message: Posted by: hugmagic (Sep 16, 2005 08:55PM)
Chalet Magic, Bill Smith, Wellington Enterprises, Abbott's (maybe), and Owens all make this.

I think there may be plans in the Paul Osborne stuff.

Message: Posted by: bry1513 (Sep 17, 2005 09:35AM)
Thanks guys, I really appreciate all the help and guidence.......

Take care, Bry
Message: Posted by: Crispy (Sep 18, 2005 11:57PM)
If you can ever find a Sheppard "Where does the Bunny Go?" snatch it up. It's a sucker vanish of the famous effect and very deceptive. It's the illusion I'm performing in my profile pic. Sheppard retired from magic building, and his stuff is very collectible. But keep an eye out.

Message: Posted by: bry1513 (Oct 12, 2005 05:34PM)
Well, heres my current situation: No one will cutom make me a table but ozillusions and they are asking around $1,100. Definately out of my price range. I was going to have xrillusions (Illusion Masters) build me one. William, who I guess is Billy, quoted me $698 for their take apart box and a gimmicked table to set the pieces on. Well, I just stumbled upon all the posts saying to stay away form xrillusions, so now I'm back to square 1. I cant find a decent take apart table (the one pictured at xrillusions.com looked perfect)or gimmicked table anywhere. I can't even come across any plans except for the one in the Mark Wilson book, but it is not detailed enough for me. ANY HELP would be more than appreciated.......

Take care all, Bry
Message: Posted by: Johnnie Blaze (Oct 12, 2005 07:45PM)
Try contacting Ken McCreedy he is a member here and an awesome illusion builder, tell him what ya need and I am sure he can help ya out.. pm me you need any further help
all the best
Message: Posted by: floridamagic (Oct 12, 2005 10:24PM)
Fairchild magic makes a nice one.
Message: Posted by: Crispy (Oct 14, 2005 05:31AM)
Often times the side table will be constructed as a cage for the rabbit or duck to be kept in before the vanish. The bars on the top of this table are actually constructed of elastic. If your vanish requires a deceptive table, this may be the type you are looking for. I think a lot of it depnds on the actual take-apart box. If the "special piece" of the take-apart box is the actual lid of the box, then it is probably best to have a deceptive table, because removing the top piece and putting it on the side table always looks suspicious. If the "special piece" of the take-apart box is not the lid, then the design of the table is not all that important, in my opinion. For example, in my vanish, the "special" piece is actually the back of the box. After the assistant takes the lid off the box, the back piece is the first I put on the table. When you drop it on the table and it falls flat, no one notices it for some reason.

I'm confused. Do you already have a take-apart box and just looking for a side table? Or are you looking to buy a full unit?

BTW, the pic in my avatar is the Bunny Vanish I use. I am taking the lid off the box and handing it to my assistant.
Message: Posted by: Julie (Oct 14, 2005 09:57AM)
If you're making one please have the box in proportion to the creature you're vanishing. For example, the beautifully handcrafted Walter Sheppard "Where Do They Go?" apparatus is entirely too big to vanish one or two doves.

Abbott's Rabbit Vanish Supreme (as an example, others are size appropriate, too) looks much more plausible and will really baffle your audience.
Message: Posted by: Mr. Muggle (Oct 14, 2005 08:53PM)
Abbott's Rabbit Vanish Supreme will not work with some rabbits. My Dwarf Hotot's are all to big for the vanish to work right- even after doing some extra work to the illusion. A set of doves or a really small rabbit will work fine.
Message: Posted by: bry1513 (Oct 15, 2005 10:59AM)
Erick, thanks for the info concerning Fairchild Magic. I love the way their table looks.

Take care, Bryan
Message: Posted by: magicbob116 (Oct 17, 2005 09:20PM)
I have an opportunity to pick up a Take Apart Box fairly inexpensively, but I don't know that it's something I'll actually use in a performance. Is this apparatus useful for vanishing things OTHER than rabbits, doves, etc.? Such as INanimate objects? Is this an item that's worth getting just to have for possible future use? Several of the posts above refer to expensive custom tables, etc. Is a gimmicked table necessary to perform the illusion or just an enhancement to hide the secret more conveniently? I'm not looking for a major investment on this effect. I was only interested because the price was around $20 and I thought it would be fun to play around with it and see if I liked it. I don't mind plunking down $20, but I don't want to have a box that's worthless without the $1000 table! Advice please! Thanks.