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Topic: Recent Video Clip
Message: Posted by: Tom Frank (Sep 19, 2005 12:53PM)
[url=http://homepage.mac.com/tfrank8176/TomFrank/iMovieTheater46.html]Pike Place Market Busker Festival Video Clip[/url]

Performing: 3 Fly, Mental Photography Deck & the Linking Rings
Message: Posted by: ruijorge (Sep 19, 2005 01:32PM)
Great :)
Message: Posted by: Mario Morris (Sep 19, 2005 01:54PM)
Hi Tom
Great clip, very entertaining.
I have a suggestion, when you where a hat, tip it right back on your head to show your face and eyes, stage or street. If you donít a dark shadow will be cast across your eyes which can be as bad as wearing sun glasses in a show.
Tack it or leave it. :)
Message: Posted by: Tom Frank (Sep 19, 2005 02:04PM)
Mario, Good Suggestion, thanks.

Message: Posted by: Danny Hustle (Sep 19, 2005 02:49PM)

You are the man.

That is a great clip brother, the years come shining through in the polish.

Thanks for sharing it.


Message: Posted by: Chessmann (Sep 19, 2005 03:19PM)
Very clear, very well done.
Message: Posted by: Jim Wilder (Sep 19, 2005 08:19PM)
That looks great. I am putting together a video now from a combination of photos and videos from the past 4-5 years. Your videos inspired me to get motivated and put it together. Great stuff Tom!
Message: Posted by: JamesinLA (Sep 19, 2005 09:32PM)
Hey, Tom, is that your ring routine? Nice.

Message: Posted by: Brent McLeod (Sep 19, 2005 09:37PM)

Thanks for sharing-That was great to watch-very entertaining & a great pitch at the end

Look like you were having fun !!!

Good ol ring routine ay!!!!!-Can perform it anywhere

Hope you earned well that day!!-You might need a bigger Hat!!

All the best

Message: Posted by: Tom Frank (Sep 19, 2005 11:03PM)
Thanks for all the compliments gang! Nice to hear. Yes that's the Jack Miller Linking Ring Routine w/ Poetic Patter that I released on DVD as an Instructional. I still have some left for $25 + $4.50 S&H. The day was good banged out a couple hundred bucks in an hour and a half.

Message: Posted by: TheAmbitiousCard (Sep 20, 2005 01:42AM)
Great work Tom. Great work!
Message: Posted by: Arkadia (Sep 20, 2005 01:58AM)

Message: Posted by: rikbrooks (Sep 20, 2005 06:31AM)
I bought Tom's DVD. It's really nice and a wonderful routine. I don't actually perform his routine because, well, I'm not Tom. I intend to give it more thought one day though. I'm sort of cruising, thinking about different poems that I might bend to my will as Tom did The Raven.

What a great choice in a poem though.
Message: Posted by: MattTheKnife (Sep 20, 2005 09:54AM)
I've never been much for the linking rings... but that was a really fun routine! (Makes sense since I HAVE always been a fan of "The Raven") :)

-Matt (TK)
Message: Posted by: Tom Frank (Sep 20, 2005 11:26AM)
For the record I took Jack MIller's Routine AND HIS Poetry and made it my own. Nobody's stepping on my feet by doing it as well. I think it's one hell of a routine. I just wish I could do it justice.
Message: Posted by: saheer (Sep 20, 2005 03:45PM)
Tom -

Sweet! I'd definitely stop, watch and tip even if I weren't a magician!
Message: Posted by: Chessmann (Sep 20, 2005 06:00PM)

As I watched the ring routine I kept saying to myself, "There needs to be something different in his voice." Perhaps a change in quality or tone, not sure. Seemed that the mood and style of the poetry called for some kind of a vocal change to match the (very) well done routine. I know that being on the street you have to be heard, so your choices are limited as far as that goes.

There was nothing 'wrong' - I never sensed something I would call a problem, far from it - as I said in an earlier post, it was clean and clear magic. I especially liked the slight change to suit the environment: "While you sit, relaxed and tipping."

My above comment was just something that came into my head as I was watching the rings. Also liked the way you got people on your side as you prepared for the hat.

My 2 cents.
Message: Posted by: rikbrooks (Sep 20, 2005 11:42PM)
You should see the way that he does it on his DVD. He does a voice-over with a booming God-like voice. It's really well done.

I do my rings silently to music. If I were to give advice it would be to use a boom box and do the routine as he does it on his DVD.
Message: Posted by: Chessmann (Sep 21, 2005 01:38PM)
I have the DVD, and love the routine. Great stuff!
Message: Posted by: Brent McLeod (Sep 21, 2005 04:27PM)
The joys of performing Live outdoors!!

I have not done this for a year or so now due to many theatre shows etc

Tom-Having seen your clip-Makes me want to create an act to perform outdoors at festivals /markets etc again-The rush you get from having the audience so close & having a good time is an experience in itself!!

Were you only performing 3-4 effects at a time for 10 mins then waiting for a new crowd etc-seemed to work well what we saw!

Great balancing on the stool by the way!!- well done!!
Message: Posted by: Tom Frank (Sep 21, 2005 05:23PM)
That was the last 5 minutes of a 30 minute show. I might post some of the rest of the show, maybe the cups and balls routine.

Mark, thanks for your comments on the poetry. I play with the intonation every show and I am constantly tweaking it trying to figure out the best way to do it. All comments and advice are welcome on any clip I share. I have no ego when it comes to trying to impove what I do.

Thanks everyone!!
Message: Posted by: bropaul (Sep 21, 2005 10:54PM)

All I can say is it is always a pleasure to watch you work. I want to grow up to be just like you. The rings work well for you. Just keep it the way it is and you'll be able to eat and drink for nothing for the rest of your life.

And yes... Put the cups up. I haven't seen you do that in a while. Talk with you later my friend.
Message: Posted by: suspectacts (Sep 22, 2005 07:23AM)

Just sat down and watched it... Twice! Just a joy to see. Great work.

And yes the rings look AMAZING! I used to do them in my show, but I love how effortlessly and often the rings link/unlink. You have mastered the the sense of 'melting' most performers get maybe once or twice out of the rings. And you get it over and over again.

Thanks for give all of us something to shoot for.

all the best

peter gross
Message: Posted by: BroDavid (Sep 22, 2005 09:13AM)
Masterful performance Tom!

Loved the Ring routine, but you entertained strongly with everything. Good crowd engagement. Good energy too at the end of a 30 minute set.

And at the end, man the lines just kept rolling off your tongue. Loved it!

Very nice.

Message: Posted by: Werner G. Seitz (Sep 22, 2005 09:37AM)
On 2005-09-21 18:23, Tom Frank wrote:
.... I might post some of the rest of the show, maybe the cups and balls routine.
[/quote]Yes please!
Let's se the C&Bs...
I too very much enjoyed 3 Fly, the Photographic Deck and the Rings.
Great and pro work!
Message: Posted by: Foucault (Sep 22, 2005 04:13PM)
Fabulous! A real lesson for many of us.
Message: Posted by: what (Sep 22, 2005 05:51PM)
Thanks for taking the time to post that. It was most enjoyable not to mention educational. Excellent work.
Message: Posted by: Tom Frank (Sep 22, 2005 10:48PM)
I am flattered beyond belief. Just when I was beginning to think I was a hack. Thanks for the love.

Message: Posted by: jasonmiller (Sep 24, 2005 11:44AM)
Great performance Tom! Like the others, I appreciate your taking the time to post that. Looks like a very polished act and I would love to see more.
Message: Posted by: Review King (Sep 24, 2005 05:12PM)
WOW-What a worker. Tom, you got the "it " factor. You knwo how to perform!!!
Message: Posted by: Bill Ligon (Sep 24, 2005 08:38PM)
All I can say is "WOW!"
Message: Posted by: trombley (Sep 26, 2005 12:12PM)
That was very well done.

One question. What version of 3-fly is that. I was looking into adding one to my repertoire and would just like to know the resources you used.
Message: Posted by: p:m (Sep 26, 2005 02:25PM)
That was awesome!! Man, good job!
Message: Posted by: Kent Wong (Sep 26, 2005 04:51PM)
That was absolutely stunning! I loved every minute of it.

Message: Posted by: Tom Frank (Dec 2, 2005 03:23PM)
The nice thing about street performing is you can do it alot. The more you do it, the better it gets.

You're only as good as your last performance.

My last performance was last week. Been too cold to busk.

I feel like Martin Sheen at the beginning of Apocolypse Now. . . passes out in that hotel room. . . . . waiting. . .
Message: Posted by: Mario Morris (Dec 3, 2005 11:29AM)
If you want to find a card it will help if you had the pack facing the right way.
Message: Posted by: Ben Whiting (Dec 3, 2005 03:37PM)
Great stuff tom
Message: Posted by: Tom Frank (Dec 8, 2005 05:32PM)
Your a funny guy Mario! By the way, congrats on the most magical of events! I wish you the best.

Trombly asked about what version of 3 Fly that was (two months ago). It was an early Kenner version. Homer Liwag taught it to me back in the day. We were all working at a magic themed restaurant called Illusions in Indy in the early 90's.

Here is a picture of Chris Kenner that I took in 1986. Who can identify the obscure move that he is doing?

Message: Posted by: mike gallo (Dec 8, 2005 07:21PM)
The erdnase shift...or whatever you call the thing.

Message: Posted by: Mario Morris (Dec 8, 2005 08:33PM)
Thanks :)
Message: Posted by: Tom Frank (Dec 8, 2005 10:17PM)
Mike you don't score any bonus points with that answer, sorry. Close but no cigar. . . it's the S.W.E. Shift. I usually think of the Erdnase Shift as the one handed one.

By the way pal, after our last instant message session I made REAL progress on your ballvase routine. After we chatted, I dug out the footage I shot of you at one of the 52 Get-Together in Buffalo and studied where I was making my mistakes.

As you know, Mr. Gallo I've always been a big fan of yours!

Thanks for the help
Message: Posted by: mike gallo (Dec 8, 2005 11:35PM)
Sheesh Tom...I'm a freakin' coin guy...cut me some slack...will ya!

Message: Posted by: ed rhodes (Dec 11, 2005 04:37AM)
That's all right. I thought it was a Blackstone pass!
Message: Posted by: Tom Frank (Dec 11, 2005 02:47PM)
For those who are unfamilure with the S.W.E. Shift click on the blog link below. I put the origional write up of it, on there yesterday.