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Topic: $$$
Message: Posted by: Seth (Nov 1, 2002 08:14PM)
I've often heard that mentalists get paid more than magician's on average and was curious as to why this was the case? Any ideas?
Message: Posted by: Brandon (Nov 1, 2002 10:52PM)
Head to your local yellow pages...see how many listings there are for mentalists. Now check and see how many listings there are for magicians.

It's primarily supply and demand--not to take away from those that work other venues that are non-mentalists. There are many out there whose bread and butter is children's parties and restaraunt work that pull in more than mentalists working the same market--simply because there can also be a high demand for a good magician to work a party. On the flip-side, those venues seeking something outside of the ordinary experience, and might have a predisposed idea of what a magician is/should be will seek out a mentalist.

Hope that helps a little!