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Topic: Question about fakini billiard balls
Message: Posted by: biff_g (Sep 22, 2005 08:00PM)
Two questions, actually. First, does the s**** stay on the ball without you holding it on, and second, is it made out of metal (ie. could it, and a ball stick to a magnet securely?) Thanks!
Message: Posted by: hugmagic (Sep 22, 2005 08:14PM)
Yes and No.

Message: Posted by: GrahamFishman (Sep 22, 2005 09:14PM)
The shell is made out of a hard plastic with silicone on the outside of it

graham fishman
Message: Posted by: FCpreacher (Sep 23, 2005 01:36PM)
Actually it depends on the size that you buy. The 1.75" s***l is plastic with the silicone coating on the outside, but the 2" s***l is metal with the silicone coating on the outside.

Message: Posted by: GrahamFishman (Sep 23, 2005 03:27PM)
The 2 1/4 inch balls have the plastic with a silicone coat

graham fishman
Message: Posted by: magicurt (Sep 23, 2005 10:39PM)
My shells do slip occasionally. I have found a thin coat of rubber cement on the inside of the shell makes a perfect grip if conditions get bad. My fakkini set is 20 years old. I suppose that might work with wood or metal balls also, never tried.
Message: Posted by: biff_g (Sep 26, 2005 07:04PM)
Cool, thanks!
Message: Posted by: woodywizard (Sep 26, 2005 07:09PM)
I have the 1.75" version and I sometimes find myself struggling to seperate the two. My hands are often very sweaty and slippery, so I have to wash my hands before the show, or use manipulators lotion. Hope this helps!
Brian Woodbridge
Message: Posted by: kcedelcycib (Sep 30, 2005 04:21AM)
On 2005-09-23 14:36, FCpreacher wrote:
the 2" s***l is metal with the silicone coating on the outside.

Will the metal s***l stick to magnets?
Message: Posted by: BenSalinas (Sep 30, 2005 08:11PM)
I got my 2" set from Denny at Denny & Lee's in Baltimore (http://www.dennymagic.com ), and the s**** is metal with a silicone coating. They are hands-down the greatest manipulation balls ever made.

If you have any questions abou the balls, what size to buy, using magnets, etc. Call Denny (410)686-3914 he's a great guy and will give you the straight, no BS answer.

Ben S