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Topic: Smoke and Mirrors/Impossibilia-Books or DVD's?
Message: Posted by: paisa23 (Sep 25, 2005 02:18PM)
JUst curious if they loose anything in the conversion. Im stuck between that decision and Carneycopia.
Message: Posted by: wsduncan (Sep 25, 2005 10:01PM)
I have the second volume of Smoke and MIrrors on VHS (picked it up at a swap meet). It's a fine video but it's only part of the book. Not a very good value for the money if you pay full price.

The book Carneycopia contains a WEALTH of great magic and professional advise. I'd rate it above almost any video on the market.
Message: Posted by: TheAmbitiousCard (Sep 25, 2005 11:18PM)
If you buy carneycopia, I"ll provide you a FREE leather cylinder for making the right decision. I do this because the book is what I consider THE BEST magic book, on how to perform magic.

don't get me wrong. I love the bannon books. But Carneycopis is an absolute MUST-HAVE!

The trick in the book, "Cylinder and Coins", even if not performed, by you, professionally, but rather just studied, will raise your magicianship to new levels.

Of course I mean if you buy Carneycopia from me.

I sell if for $45 shipped to a US address.
I sell if for $55 shipped to a non-US address.

And I'm serious about the free cylinder. I'll send it with the book.
PM me if you're interested.
Message: Posted by: paisa23 (Sep 26, 2005 09:34AM)
Very intrested and I am assuming that others thatread your post started PMing you
Message: Posted by: wsduncan (Sep 26, 2005 12:30PM)
Heck, I picked up my copy of Carneycopia at Powell's book store in Portland the weekend BEFORE the reprint was announced. I ended up paying $5.00 more than list to have the thing for two days before it was available again.

And now I find that I missed out on a free prop too. I'm cursed.

It must be because I sold my copy of John's Greater Magic vhs video... What was I thinking?
Message: Posted by: Free_Mind (Sep 26, 2005 03:27PM)
I havent read Carneycopia BUT I do own all of Bannon's books (Imposs, SM, DMF) and I must say they contain the most creative magic I own (on par with AOA but more useful). Bannon has a creative and deceptive mind that will sure fool your spectators as well. I have heard great things on Carney but have not read it. I am interested in purchasing it however.
Message: Posted by: Ben Train (Sep 27, 2005 09:07PM)
To answer the question:

the bannon books are WAY better then the bannon videos.

Message: Posted by: Waters (Sep 28, 2005 06:33AM)
Buy Carneycopia (while you can)!