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Topic: Book review
Message: Posted by: steve j (Sep 26, 2005 03:04PM)
As I understand it there are two references that are backbone of card and coin magic, first is marlo's revolutionary card technique, and the second would be bobo's book on coin magic (the big one). At the moment I am reading marlo's book and wanted some thoughts on what others think of the book. I just started reading it and find it to be filled with cutting edge magic and moves that have dissappeared of the years. I just wanted to get other opinions.
Message: Posted by: MField2000 (Sep 27, 2005 05:29AM)
Marlo's Revolutionary Card Technique is a fabulous book, essential for any student of card magic. But it not the main rference work for card material -- that would be either "Expert Card Technique" by Hugard and Braue, or "Card College" (5 volumes) by Roberto Giobbi. Others might suggest "Royal Road to Card Magic" by Hugard and Braue.

You'd get few arguments about "backbone" nature of the Bobo work. But the Marlo material is more akin to what David Roth did for coins in "Expert Coin Magic" -- they both updated and improved sleights as well as adding new ones, plus new effects. I would not suggest a cprospective coin magician begin with Roth, nor would I suggest starting with Marlo (although oithers might disagree).

Matt Field