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Topic: Magic Transactions (Please Read)
Message: Posted by: Steve Brooks (Nov 3, 2002 02:11AM)
One of our more popular forums is the [b]Let's make a magic deal![/b] category. Please read the following guidelines [i]before[/i] posting anything in that area. Thanks: [url=http://www.themagiccafe.com/forums/viewtopic.php?topic=177308&forum=167&0]Safely Buying & Selling on The Magic[/url]

Please know and understand that any transactions that take place between users of [b]The Magic Café[/b], are at the sole risk of said users.

[b]The Magic Café[/b] does [b]not[/b] vouch for the legitimacy of any items advertised/listed in the various forums in the [b]Let's make a magic deal![/b] category.

We highly suggest you carefully evaluate any offers and not send money/merchandise to these advertisers unless you are certain you know with whom you are dealing and you know all the terms and conditions of any offers.

We ([b]The Magic Café[/b]) cannot, and will not, be held responsible, under [i]any circumstances[/i], for said transactions.

Remember, you buy, sell or trade at your [b]own risk![/b]. If you are burned on a transaction, you need to handle this privately, [b]not[/b] on the Café. Members who make postings complaining about bad transactions they have had will have those posts deleted with no notice or explanation given, simple as that.

Unlike Ebay, The Magic Auction, and other auction services, we are [b]not[/b] involved, other than providing a place for interested parties to meet. Any disputes arising between the parties involved must be [i]handled privately by email[/i], not in [b]The Magic Café[/b].

This trading area is provided as a [i]courtesy[/i] to our Café customers, and is [b]not[/b] to be used for [i]commercial[/i] use. [b]No dealers please![/b] Dealers wishing to sell their products may purchase advertising space in the Café. Please inquire, thanks. Any ads posted by [b]dealers[/b] will be [i]removed with no explanation[/i] given. A second offense will result in a loss of all Café privileges.

We provide this area for regular members who [i]contribute[/i] valuable information to the Café. It is here that these folks can buy, sell or trade magical props, books, and dvd's, and do so without having to spend their hard earned cash. :nod:

Regardless of what forum is used, all for sale topics must include an asking price. This is only fair to those interested in finding a "good deal". Asking for offers could be interpreted as conducting an auction. Such posts will be removed, no questions asked.

As of late, I have seen an influx of new members joining The Café just to use this area. They do not contribute valuable information, yet take advantage of the benefits we offer our members.
Because of this, we have implemented a [b]new[/b] policy (5/30/03) for this trading area.

Like [i]The Banquet Room[/i], members must have made at least 50 [i]legitimate[/i] posts [b]before[/b] they can access the [b]Let's make a magic deal![/b] forums.
Further, new members who surf through our forums posting useless information to achieve this goal [b]will[/b] have their posts deleted, and risk the chance of losing all future posting privledges.

Given the large volume of visitors to The Café each day, and the quality that these members have come to expect, we think this is a fair policy. :nod:

The [b]Let's make a magic deal![/b] forum is divided into seven distinct sub-sections. Each section caters to a particular subject. Items posted in the wrong area will be removed [i]with no explanantion given[/i].

Posts which advertise multiple items are okay (multiple items does not mean a hundred items, if you know what I mean. So let's use good judgement.), as long as [b]all[/b] the items listed meet the requirements of the particular forum being posted in. (Dvds in the dvd area, tricks in the tricks area, etc.)

No matter what category is used (Dvds, books, etc), absolutely [b]No[/b] posts advertising or referencing items (whether [b]with[/b] or [b]without[/b] links) to auction sites such as [b]Ebay[/b] (the only exception would be linking to an auction site which is currently a Café sponsor and has a banner on our website) will be allowed. Members looking for items on auction sites should pay those sites a visit. Remember also that the trading area is a benefit of Café membership and is [b]NOT[/b] to be used to post items that friends, acquaintances or relatives may have for sale or trade. Also, posts that link to sales by others are not allowed. Posts that violate this rule will be removed. [i]No exceptions![/i].

[b]The following items may be sold or traded[/b] provided they follow the strict criteria below:

[b]Tricks & Effects:[/b] Original items produced by the original creator(s). No knock-offs, or pirated items. No tricks downloaded from the net, No PDF files, No MP3's, [i]no exceptions[/i]. This forum is for tricks and effects only, all other items will be removed with no explanation given, [i]no exceptions[/i]!

[b]DVD & Video tapes[/b] Because of copyright and piracy issues, [b]originals[/b] only please. No copies or dupes. No downloaded items from the net. [i]No exceptions[/i]. Items other than dvds, video tapes, audio tapes or compact discs posted here will be removed with no explanation given. [i]No exceptions![/i].

[b]Books & Lecture notes:[/b] Again, only [b]originals[/b]. No photocopies, or items [i]downloaded[/i] from the net. [i]No exceptions![/i] Items other than books, books on tape (audio books) or lecture notes posted here, will be removed. [i]No exceptions[/i]!

[b]Stage illusions & Equipment:[/b] This area is for members selling or trading large illusions (subtrunks, zig-zags, etc) and equipment (fog machines, lights, backdrops, sound items, etc). Original items produced by the original creator(s). No knock-offs, or pirated items. Items other than stage illusions & equipment posted here will be removed. [i]No exceptions[/i]!

[b]Escape items:[/b] This section is reserved for the buying, selling and trading of items related to the art of escape (e.g, Handcuffs, strait jackets, locks, etc). Any other items posted here will be removed and with no explanation given. [i]No exceptions[/i].

[b]Clowning, juggling, puppetry & vent supplies:[/b]
This forum is for the buying, selling and trading of items useful to clowns, jugglers, puppeteers and ventriloquists
(e.g, Make-up, costumes, balls, clubs, puppets, etc).

[b]Magic collectables:[/b] This area is for the buying, selling and trading of magic memorabilia (e.g, Vintage posters, autographs, ephemera, photos, etc). Books may be included provided they are antique in nature. All other items posted will be removed with no explanation given.

[i]QUANTITY RESTRICTIONS:[/i] Regardless of which category is used, no more than 2 of any one item may be offered for sale or trade.

[i]QUALITY CONTROL:[/i] Because of the rising problem with several manufacturers making knock-off's of other people's hard work, any post(s) offering products (that in our opinion are copies or knock-offs of the original items) will be deleted with no reason or explanation given.

[i]COINS: [/i] In order to maintain the integrity of the Café and avoid any misunderstandings, no replica coins, whether marked or unmarked may be offered for sale or trade. Any posts trying to sell these coins will be removed, no questions asked.

[b]Topic Headings:[/b] Regardless of which category you place a post/offering in, DO NOT list the actual price, terms , etc in the topic heading. Prices are to be listed in the content of your posting only. Example: Effect A only $25 - Effect B at 50% off!. As the MagicCafe is not an auction site, posts without a price or stating "make an offer" will be deleted.

[b]Topic Subject Matter:[/b] Regardless of which category you place a post, any topics/posts which discuss the reputation of any seller(s) on the Café (good or bad) that has not been authorized by administration will be removed with no notice given. The area is for the posting of items for sale or trade, not to review the selling or trading habits of other members. You buy, sell or trade at your own risk.

[b]Notice:[/b] Members who violate [b]any[/b] of the above rules will have their post(s) advertising such items removed, and may be banned from the Café.
Remember, the ability to use the trading area is a priviledge and NOT a right. Members may lose all access to the trading area at any time and with no notice or reason given.

Because items are often sold or traded quickly, members may occasionally forget to post that the transaction is complete. [b]To conserve bandwidth and avoid confusion, posts will be automatically removed 10 days from the original insertion date[/b]. "Bumping", which includes "still available" or any post to simply bring the topic to the topic of the list is not allowed. This uses up valuable bandwidth and causes newer postings by other members to be driven farther down in the forum which isn't fair to them. Post that use "bumping" to bring the topic to the top of the list will be deleted, no questions asked. Should you still wish to sell or trade the item, you may of course repost after it is deleted.

Thank You. Good luck and happy trading! :)