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Topic: Whos worked savannah
Message: Posted by: Kozmo (Oct 6, 2005 09:00PM)
Anyone know anything about savannah?

Message: Posted by: JoeJoe (Oct 6, 2005 09:40PM)
While I havn't actually worked Savannah, I have been there ... its a nice city. Have a comedy club and a flea market ... and a permit system for street performers. They allow you to have a tip container out, but you can't pass the hat - not sure how well enforced it is. Here is a quote from the permit policy:

"No entertainer/performer may solicit payment for entertainment or services rendered, either orally or by gesture. Each entertainer/performer may display within their area one sign which may be no greater than eight 1/2 inches by eleven inches in size. Donation may be requested or prices displayed for such items as caricatures, drawings or paintings on the sign. Signs must be professionally generated. The entertainer/performer may only display goods that were produced on-site."

If you do goto Savannah koz, let me know ... I might go there some myself this winter, maybe we could meet up there. You can download a permit here:


Message: Posted by: Kozmo (Oct 6, 2005 10:03PM)
Thanks for the info....you gotta have a hat pitch to make money...i would think that if you are a pro they would ot bother you about such a thing ...at least if they like your show...i'm gonna call them...i'm gonna go there....just to check it out....i wonder if anyone knows anything about the pitches

Message: Posted by: JoeJoe (Oct 6, 2005 10:06PM)
If you call them, I wouldn't tell the name you intend to apply with ... just in case they don't enforce it, wouldn't want to give them a reason to deny you.

I figure if worse comes to worse, I can do balloons there ... there are some other possible gigs there for me so it would be icing on the cake.

Message: Posted by: Kozmo (Oct 6, 2005 10:19PM)
Yea, I don't like to go where I'm not wanted...i don't need to work , I have enough money for now...but I want to work...man, I'm goiing crazy....and I don't want to loose my show...i'm just starting to like it

I'm gonna go down there ....get a permit....and go ot work...maybe right after thanksgicing....slow time but what the hell....i cant take this...i'm sittiing aorund doing nothing..

Message: Posted by: Chance (Oct 7, 2005 12:27PM)
I know Savannah well. Have been there many times, having lived in Atlanta at the time and going over for weekends, etc.

The main pitch is on the river front. There is a promenade, a typical cobblestone shopping street, and many pubs, cafés and restaurants.

It was a cool place to make shows, and I never experienced any trouble there at all, and had it remained that way I would certainly recommend it to any pro.

That said, it obviously has not stayed that way. A few years ago a new show moved into town from Key West. He got to be very testy about sharing his pitch, and set out to help the city (at his own instigation -- there was no permits before this guy got to town) draft a set of busker regulations. As should be obvious by now, his aim was not to create anything more than a private cash machine.

I warned him about this repeatedly. But he was certain it would all work out (his way, no doubt.)

I haven't been back since 2000. The permit was created since that time. If you see a guy with trained parrots on pitch there, be sure to give my greetings, and your own heartfelt thanks for his intervention into a once open, friendly and inviting public pitch.

(By way of comparison, about 3 years before this time I appeared in the Mayor's office in Savannah. I had some pics of the local police tying me into my chains, and I wanted to make sure it was okay to publish the pics with my promo materials. During that meeting the mayor expressed his interest in busking, in promoting Savannah to the world, and even said I should tell all my busking friends to stop by for a visit. See folks, all it takes is one bad apple.)

Message: Posted by: Kozmo (Oct 7, 2005 12:36PM)
Yea...ok....well maybe that guiy isn't there anymore
tell me this...is there a lot of traffic and can I do sidewalk shows also?

Message: Posted by: Chance (Oct 7, 2005 01:00PM)
Maybe he is, maybe he isn't -- but his self-serving permit system is. I have not worked under this new system, so I can't tell you what is or isn't now possible. What once was possible is already covered in my earlier post. If you need help by comparison, click on my small headshot and then click on the URL shown there. That link carries several pics, including the one of the Savannah cops tying me up; maybe that can help, maybe not.

Good luck,
Message: Posted by: Kozmo (Oct 7, 2005 01:39PM)
Message: Posted by: John Bowlin (Oct 8, 2005 02:42AM)
There is a lot of traffic along River st but the season in winding down quickly. Don't bother going there around St Paddy's for your purpose. Too many people and way too drunk. Savanah is not the free wheeling city it was a few years back. They are really trying to control everything!
Message: Posted by: BloodworthMagic (Oct 10, 2005 01:13PM)
Coz, How are you? This is Debbie, I have worked Savannah many times. It sucked for Brian because you can not cross the street (where the foot traffic is)or even call out to them. It worked for me because of my costume. There was a local juggler that had a mic, but they told us we couldn't use one. During the last two summers they said you did not need a permit to work the river. The have river patrols that will give you a ticket, I got a ticket my first day there for not having a permit. So it depends on who happens to be patrolling that day. Try St. Petersburg FL. Good Luck, Debbie
Message: Posted by: Kozmo (Oct 10, 2005 02:49PM)
st petersbirg sucks.....hows brian...private me and let me know whats up, what hes gonna do
Message: Posted by: Kozmo (Oct 10, 2005 02:59PM)
Hey debbie, I tried to contact brian and cant get through...have him cll me please
hope all is well
Message: Posted by: Chad C. (Oct 10, 2005 08:40PM)
I also know a little about savannah. I went down there for a day last summer and didn't use a permit. No one questioned me and the police went right by several times. The rules do say that you need a permit however. With that said, there are a few regulars that are always there on the weekends. One is a one man band, another is a sax player, and then there is the main guy-who uses a sound system and does a unicycle/juggling/straitjacket routine to a huge audience. His show was awesome-I believe that is all he does for a living. He raked in the money afterwards and so did we, once his crowd dispersed and came our way.

But you can use sound systems (he used a big one). Also, the best place to be is right next to where the riverboat parks right on the river. Once the crowd comes off of it they are all yours. At least, that's what the main guy did. He actually only performed about 4 shows, everytime the boat came in, but he was probably playing to well over 200 people by the time he started his main show.

Anyway, if you have any specific questions about what I've written, let me know.

Message: Posted by: kOnO (Oct 13, 2005 04:33PM)

If you were displaced from N.O. due to Katrina, maybe you could get some of that AID money that Ex pres' Bush & Clinton have been collecting.

Maybe Fl or TX would be good states to look for a WINTER gig. I am not sure how Savannah would be through the winter.

Just a thought
Message: Posted by: Steve V (Oct 14, 2005 11:38AM)
Savannah is a great town, at least it was 20 years ago when I lived in Georgia. Good luck Ted!
Steve V
Message: Posted by: kasper777 (Oct 20, 2005 06:39AM)
Koz, having lived and worked the Sav pitch here some tips, you no longer need a permit, you did up until 2 years ago. That is for the river, which everyone is talking about. I'll let you in on my secret. Just a few blocks up is the City Market. A pedestrian mall of sorts, stores on both sides and a decent walkway in the middle, no cars can drive down it, only people. And no permits, why, because it is private property. As long as you have a sidewalk show and don't cause trouble, you shouldn't have a problem there. there is also a trolley drop off at the end, so you can catch them coming off the trolley. I would normally work the market until about 3 or 4, then head down to the river to finish off the day.

the juggler guy's name in Sav is Patrick. he got his start in N.O. as a statue. You might have run into his brother in N.O., I forget his name but he's also a juggler, not a good one, and has one of those thin beards that traces his jawline.

Living here in Biloxi, an hour away from N.O. kind of sucks. Getting stressfull.
Message: Posted by: Paddy (Oct 21, 2005 02:07AM)
A couple of questions,
help me a little more
how is it this time of year?
is it a 7 day a week pitch...no amps right?

how is river street?...lots of places to work?


Message: Posted by: Steve V (Oct 21, 2005 12:12PM)
I'll tell you what I remember. River Street was a party zone, lots of drinking and running around. I was usually hammered on Wednesdays there and don't recall any performers....then again this was over 20 years ago.
Steve V
Message: Posted by: Eman (Nov 24, 2005 07:01PM)
My high school took a trip there last year. I performed and the people there were really nice. The voodoo and ghost stories/beliefs are useful tools. I was able to amaze a family with a coin bite and a card trick. The town is amazing and fun to perform in.