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Topic: Instant hypnosis?- "Act of a Yogi hyp" by Colin Bray
Message: Posted by: Mark Storms (Oct 9, 2005 04:26AM)
This item in the abbots comedy magic catalouge cought my eye. However by the very nature of abbots products there is very little information on the product. So I am turning to the wise here.

Here is the effect description- Act of a Yogi hyp

As you may have guessed, Hyp is short for Hypnotism and the Yogi, in this case, is in name only. How many times have you been asked, "Can you hypnotize?" Did you have to dodge the issue? Take our tip and get Yogi Hyp and you will be set for that next occasion. If you want ten minutes of good comedy entertainment- Yogi Hyp is the answer.

Here is a gimmick, tried and tested by its originator, with all the ear marks of true Hypnotism. No practice. No study. You give a little talk on the subject, get four or five volunteers onto the stage and with no previous coaching they fall asleep, go fishing, imitate monkeys and other funny stunts. You will be amazed at the results possible with this clever device. Many magicians are using it- proof positive of its value and effectiveness. You get the gimmick, the Hyp talk and the presentation, real entertainment. Devised and routined by Colin Bray.

This sells for 30 bucks. Before I cough up the cash... Does anyone own this>?

Does anyone know more about it?

Any reviews?
Message: Posted by: kcalB (Oct 9, 2005 09:06AM)
Save Your Money,..but buy Practical Hypnotism for $10.50 and do the real thing.!!
Message: Posted by: Dario (Oct 10, 2005 02:20AM)
All is a question of made instant stooges. If you work for comedy or in a magical way It can be interesting. Not recomended for pure mentalists.

Message: Posted by: Mark Storms (Oct 11, 2005 06:21PM)
I have just ordered this because I am curious as to the possibilities of other applications of the "gimmick". If you can get people to be instant stooges then you can do A LOT! Just ask Kenton. hehe.
Message: Posted by: KingStardog (Oct 11, 2005 07:09PM)
I'm still in awe of and sometimes frustrated with Kentonism.(the peices not the act) I have been very successful with it in some aspects and a miserable failure in others. Combining it with Eriksonian methods has worked well at times. My pile of Hypno books is about a foot tall and I don't need any more.
It sounds very much like Kentonism reworked.

I would really like to hear about the gimmick if you would PM me when it shows up.

The giant red flag warning is there though. No Practice, No study.

Seeing that you just want to know if the gimmick can be applied to other things for new and different effects I would say its worth a gamble, even knowing you may not want to do the routine.
Message: Posted by: Tom Jorgenson (Oct 12, 2005 12:12AM)
It can't be Kentonism reworked. Kentonism might be this reworked, tho. This Mss. has been around since the '50's, as far as I can remember.
Message: Posted by: Mark Storms (Oct 12, 2005 01:59AM)
I wouldnt call it Kentonism reworked either. My guess is that it has to be some way to cue spectators or it is obvious to the audience what you are doing to get these spectators to do what you want and this may be why it is labeled as comedy magic. It could be a sort of "hypnosis revealed, but not really" comedy bit. I guess ill see when I get it. I know not all of you may be interested in this but ,since there is no review for this on the Café, I will post a full review when I try it out.
Message: Posted by: RickDangerous (Oct 12, 2005 09:54AM)
Hey Mark, please give us a review as soon as it arrives at your door.
Thx mate
Message: Posted by: Todd Robbins (Oct 12, 2005 10:45AM)
Sounds like the Doctor Q hyp act that Bill Larsen Sr. wrote up. It's the same act that John Calvert has done for sixty years. If you have stage chops, it can play well.

By the way, what's a "pure mentalist"?
Message: Posted by: Hypno (Oct 13, 2005 11:38AM)
Hi Guys
I bought this many years ago from supreme magic.
It is a nice enough routine although it does not use legitimate hypnosis. It has some elements in common with John Calvert's routine. Although this is something you could make use of in a larger show, it is not something you could use to build a reputation as a stage hypnotist. (In fact I think if you bill yourself as a stage hypnotist it might end up actually being harmful to your reputation as a hypnotist.)
Sorry I cant say more in a open forum. If you have any other questions PM me.

Message: Posted by: Mark Storms (Oct 26, 2005 04:09PM)
I recieved this about a week ago. This product was not what I thought and I would have to say that it is definatelly not worth 30 dollars. This is because the materials provided are very cheap and easily constructed. This routine involves you showing something to the spectators, openly and seemingly fairly. This is a method of instant stooging. I may try this out but I think I may modify it to suit my needs. As said before, this item wouldnt be good to earn a reputation as a hypnotist and is more akin to making fun of hypnosis.
Message: Posted by: Frank Tougas (Oct 28, 2005 11:20AM)
Sorry I didn't see this sooner. I could have saved you thirty. The word Yogi is a tip off that it is a simulation of hypnosis and not the real deal. It has also been advertised by Abbott's since I was a pre-teen, so you know the thing is older than the hills.

U.F. Grant put out a manuscript (only a page or two of ideas) on Pick Pocketing, again it was simulation only. If the spectators are willing you look good, otherwise you look like an idiot as no actual skill is required.

I have bought some of these things for nostalgic reasons or just plain curiosity. David Robbins complete ESP act, Gamblers expose act. They're fun to read IF you are not expecting much, it kind of takes the sting out, but $30.00? that's a pain that will linger.

I hate to say it but...Magic involves practice, skill, and presentation. These are all things that can not be learned quickly. Any promise that it can should be looked at with extreme caution.

Frank Tougas
Message: Posted by: mdspark (Jun 26, 2006 07:27PM)
Came across this thread in a search and found it interesting since I have used the instant stooge principle hear and there...Anyway..couldnt this be reworked or blended with some of Kenton Knepper's effects of similar principle?
Message: Posted by: B.K.Pal (Oct 20, 2006 02:01AM)
Ordered this item out of curiosity and they have despatched on 18th. Accidentaly saw these posts in this thread...good advice but I am perhaps too late.