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Topic: The Pocket Pocket
Message: Posted by: preston91 (Jan 6, 2002 08:52AM)
I'm looking for a way of organizing coins and other small props in my front trouser pockets. I found on the web, "The Pocket Pocket" by Carl Andrews, that seems to have promise. Does anyone use this? Does anyone have any other methods?


Paul :confused:
Message: Posted by: MagicalChris (Jan 6, 2002 02:04PM)
:light: I have a small pouch that I put onto my belt which carries a deck, a zipper area for my coins, and a velcro opening area where I put my spongeballs or whatever smaller prop I want to bring that day.

There is also room for some business cards, extra cards or whatever. I got it from my dad, but I am sure they sell them in your area. :light: I know this doesnít go into your pocket unless a little bigger than normal pockets, but it is very very handy. I wear it all over.


Message: Posted by: Joe (Jan 10, 2002 08:02AM)
Hi Paul

I also have a Carl Andrews Pocket Pocket, and have found it handy for the two coin routines I use. I also need a coin purse in the same pocket for one of these routines along with a thumb tip and a 2" sponge ball!

I have thought about pocket management quite a bit and have my waistcoats and jackets made with this in mind.

Joe :cool:
Message: Posted by: Scott F. Guinn (Jan 10, 2002 05:53PM)
Also, Klamm Magic has a nice pocket organizer, and Chazpro has one that attaches to your inner breast pocket, although I wish the material of the Chazpro item was stiffer.
Message: Posted by: flourish dude (Jan 11, 2002 09:22AM)
I use my flamming card to wallet.

In this I have:

hopping half, lethal tender, 4 - .50 cent pieces, 5 packet card tricks, two rubber bands around the wallet. A card with 10 spare rubber bands, The pride and joy card, gimmick 2 dollar bill with two $1.00, linking pins.

I know it sounds like a lot but itís not that bad and it all fits in my right hand front pocket. NOTE: I donít wear jeans. This also fits in my coat breast pocket not a suit, but a winter coat. This wallet is with me always
Message: Posted by: Joe (Jan 11, 2002 09:57AM)
Please describe your Flamming card to wallet effect for me FD

Joe :cool:
Message: Posted by: Joe M. Turner (Feb 7, 2002 09:44PM)
On 2002-01-10 18:53, greatscott wrote:
Also, Klamm Magic has a nice pocket organizer, and Chazpro has one that attaches to your inner breast pocket, although I wish the material of the Chazpro item was stiffer.

Can you describe the Klamm organizer? Is it for an outside coat pocket, or inner breast pocket, or what?
Message: Posted by: Scott F. Guinn (Feb 8, 2002 01:55PM)
The Klamm product (which is VERY inexpensive, but still high quality--which surprised me!) goes in your side jacket pocket.
Message: Posted by: James Fortune (Feb 12, 2002 04:29AM)
I just received my Klamm Close-Up Pocket Organizer today (a VERY good and fast service from the States, BTW).

It is designed for use in your side jacket pocket but can also be used for cummerbunds too. (Rather sweetly, they spell them 'cumber buns'!)

It has:

4 large compartments for playing cards, silks, sponge balls, etc.

6 small compartments for coins, dice, miniature cards, etc.

4 small compartments along the bottom for narrow long things like colour-changing knives, thumbtips, etc.

It is sewn in two halves so that it still works as a normal pocket 'in the middle' - ideal for holding a full pack of cards, etc.

I haven't actually tried it yet but, potentially, it looks to be very useful.
Message: Posted by: Harry Murphy (Feb 12, 2002 09:56AM)
I have used Kalmmís pocket organizer for years. I actually have three of the critters. Each one remains permanently loaded with an entire (almost) close up act. They are inexpensive, well made and versatile. They are designed to organize props in a jacket pocket.

James has described it well. The center section that James mentions will hold a deck of cards or can be propped open a bit to hold sponge balls, a large ring, whatever. I sewed a full deck card index into the center of one of mine.

This costs about $10.00 USD from

I tend to work in a blazer, even when I am in jeans and t-shirt. Since my close-up is really stand-up I tend to carry my props on me. Thus, when I put on my Blazer (act) I put in the appropriate loaded pocket organizer, my wallet (card to wallet) and TOPIT (Pat Page style). Looking like I am ready for the street, I am really ready to perform.
Message: Posted by: Mr. Ed (Feb 13, 2002 06:21PM)
After GreatScotts recommendation I purchased a Klamm organizer. What a great device, how did I do it before. Once I have the placements of props down it can only get better. Thanks Scott
Message: Posted by: Michael Peterson (Feb 20, 2002 12:59PM)
The Joshua Jay close up case is good also. You can cary a deck, as well as packet tricks, coins & rubberbands & business cards.

It is very nicely made in black leather.

Message: Posted by: Scott F. Guinn (Feb 20, 2002 05:47PM)

Glad you like it! I do, too!
Message: Posted by: Prophet (Feb 21, 2002 04:11PM)
Would you, off hand, know an on-line source to look at/purchase a Joshua Jay close up case?

Message: Posted by: Geoff Williams (Mar 1, 2002 08:10AM)
I'd like to "second" the kudos for the Klamm pocket organiser. Nicely made and holds WAY more than I had expected.

The ability to segregate so many individual coins and small items in such a small space is a great help.

Now, all I need to do is get used to knowing "what is where" on the fly so it doesn't look like I'm having my own private puppet show...
Message: Posted by: Carl Andrews (Mar 2, 2002 02:52AM)
The pocket-pocket is a pocket organizer for the trouser pockets. It turns your front trouser pocket into 8 pockets to easily organize your props without any bulges in your pockets. A big hit at every lecture.

Message: Posted by: Scott F. Guinn (Mar 2, 2002 03:15AM)
Hi Carl!

What is the cost and availability of the "pocket pocket?"
Message: Posted by: dekkeret (Mar 5, 2002 09:31AM)

The Pro Carrier by Joshua Jay is available at
http://www.magicgeek.com and



Carl Andrews' "The Pocket Pocket" is available for $10 at his site

Message: Posted by: Michael Peterson (Jun 3, 2002 03:57PM)
On 2002-02-21 17:11, Prophet wrote:
Would you, off hand, know an on-line source to look at/purchase a Joshua Jay close up case?


Dekkeret beat me to it :cry:

You can also get them directly from Joshua at - http://www.joshuajay.com
Message: Posted by: Tony Chapparo (Jun 13, 2002 02:01PM)
I just got a Klamm organizer on Scott Guinn's recommendation.

One of the best magic related items I have ever bought, thanks Scott!

Tony C.
Message: Posted by: berseus (Jun 24, 2002 10:36AM)
I use the pocket pocket a bit. It does not hold as much as apparantly the Klamm one (which I have not seen) but it is made for the trouser pocket and has some good uses.

The best use I find for it is you can have billswitch set up for different denominations and still keep track of the different setups even though they are all in the same trouser pocket. The pocket pocket also holds these "setups" in a perfect position for picking them up quickly without any hassle.

Mr Andrews came up with the pocket pocket since he lives in Hawaii and because of the heat works without a jacket.
Message: Posted by: TheAmbitiousCard (Jul 12, 2002 04:26PM)
I'm dumb. I don't see how the Klamm pocket can turn one pocket into 17 different pockets. A pocket can't even hold 17 different things? Can someone describe how this actually works?

Does it have to be used in a jacket? What about pants or other clothes?

Message: Posted by: Rod Lages (Oct 2, 2002 08:51PM)
Sorry to ask but where can I buy this Klamm pocket organizer over the internet? It must be good.

Best Regards,
Rod Lages
Message: Posted by: Steve Hook (Oct 3, 2002 01:21PM)
Their site:


Message: Posted by: Wizard291 (Jun 5, 2003 10:37AM)
One thing, does the Klamm organiser not make the side of your Jacket sag? The thing I hate is having bulges in pockets, especially jacket pockets as it makes it sag and look really wrong.

Ideally I would like one that fits on a belt, at the back so it's out of view, but can hold several decks, coins, sponges, and the usual rope etc. Any ideas?

I still don't understand how the pocket can hold so much in one pocket, surely you have a HUGE bulge? Can this be fitted onto a belt?

With the Klamm organiser do you not have a huge bulge on your jacket pocket?

Thank you.
Message: Posted by: Dave Schutt (Nov 2, 2003 02:02PM)
I recently purchased 2 of Carl Andrew's Pocket Pockets and have been very pleased with them. I usually do not wear a jacket so it was very nice to see something as intelligently conceived as these!
Message: Posted by: CWMoss (Apr 6, 2004 12:43PM)
I just ordered two Klamm Organizers. Seems likes a good deal for the price.
Message: Posted by: KirkG (Apr 7, 2004 12:42PM)
It takes a little common sense here. If you put billiard or bowling balls in the Pocket organizers, there will be a bulge! Flat objects, like coins and cards, don't add much bulge. A few small objects like TT or knives and you have a slight bulge.

Also, the type of pants matter. Tight jeans, no way! Standard dress slacks, A-OK. I figure if I can get a stainless steel(heavy) .38 caliber revolver (bulky) in a holster (even more bulky) without an apparent bulge, these organizers ought to work just fine. And with the extra baggy clothes worn by the younger generation, I bet you could carry a bowling ball!

Basically, they keep things from getting tangled with other things. It is easier to get what you want without a lot of fumbling.

Message: Posted by: bkowkabany (Apr 13, 2004 03:12PM)
Did anyone notice that the Klamm site has Black and White (Surprise) for $8! Must be a knockoff, but would be curious to know. I dropped them an email to ask.

Klamm replied about Black and White as follows:

Thanks for asking!

You are right. The one we carry is the plastic model. The quality is not
too bad, or we would not carry it, but it is not the best.
Message: Posted by: TheAmbitiousCard (Apr 14, 2004 06:23PM)
What's "Black and White".

Anyway... I now have both the Klamm pocket organizer and the Carl Andrews pocket pocket.

Now I just need to learn to work with them.

I'm happy with both.
Message: Posted by: bkowkabany (Apr 14, 2004 07:56PM)
On 2004-04-14 19:23, Frank Starsini wrote:
What's "Black and White".

Anyway, I now have both the Klamm pocket organizer and the Carl Andrews pocket pocket.

Now I just need to learn to work with them.

I'm happy with both.

Black and White Surprise---two poker chips, one black, one white change hands then change to 4 different colors. It is self-contained. Cute, but short. The brass ones go for about $45.

I just ordered the Klamm and the Pocket Pocket too. I look forward to playing with them.
Message: Posted by: fccfp (Jul 3, 2004 02:01AM)
Are you having trouble w/ the organizer? What kind of difficulty are you having? Every one on this thread is saying how great they are, I was about to order two of each. (save on shipping :bg:

Message: Posted by: TheAmbitiousCard (Oct 26, 2004 03:10PM)
They are great. I'm not having a problem with them.
They are simple yet effective.
Message: Posted by: paymerich (Oct 30, 2004 01:18PM)
Could somebody post a picture of the different organizer. I have seen the only a picture of the Pro-Carrier. And is the pro carrier worth $20.00 ??

Message: Posted by: Chris Meece (Mar 27, 2005 12:18AM)
I agree .. I would like to see pics of these organizers. I hate to buy something I haven't even seen a pic of. The joys of being more than 3 hours from the closest magic shop. I do have Joshua Jay's pro carrier. It doesn't carry as much as some other belt packs I have seen, but it looks tons better. You don't look like you have your batman utility belt on while wearing it. It has a zippered pouch for coins, 2 different arears for packet tricks, and room for a full deck with card guard, and also a clear pouch you can have your business card showing through and hold extra cards.
Message: Posted by: The Count of Three (May 25, 2005 08:54PM)

Thanks for reviving this thread, otherwise I'd never have seen it. I need to buy & try out a couple of these coat/trouser/or belt-based organizational solutions. I'm tired of my card decks getting mangled in the bottom of my briefcase and, likewise, all my other small props scratching against each other in my pockets.
Message: Posted by: TheAmbitiousCard (May 26, 2005 12:49AM)
Here's a variation of something I've been playing with.
Holds cards, coins, and is big enough to hold ninja rings as well.
A few spongeballs, a silk and TT. Small things like that.


Goes on the belt.
A strolling pouch. The real thing will not have velcro.
I hate velcro. It will also come up to the height of the rings.

I personally use something much larger but it seems like a useful size.
Something to consider.

I did buy a JoshJay pouch before. It holds very little and the zipper broke before I ever even tried it in performance. Probably a fluke.
So, I never really gave it the testing it deserved.

The pocket pocket is something completely different. I have that too and never quite got used to it but it's good for organizing things inside a coat pocket.

Message: Posted by: John C (May 26, 2005 11:19AM)
Is this something you sell now Frank or are making?

Message: Posted by: TheAmbitiousCard (May 26, 2005 03:47PM)
I've taken what you see and made it taller, to cover the rings.
A touch wider to accommodate a few more props. The coin pocket
will have a flap. Not wide open.

From what I can tell, the price will be around $45.

Message: Posted by: Mark Rough (May 26, 2005 04:17PM)
So Frank,

w/o the vecro are you going with a loose flap (my preference), or a button of some sort?

Also, how are you attaching to the belt? It'd be nice to have something you don't have to take your belt off to take the pouch on or off. Just some thoughts.

I like your design.

Message: Posted by: TheAmbitiousCard (May 27, 2005 01:03AM)
Um.... .loose flap of course. :)

To be honest I don't know yet. Anything but shhhhhhkkkkkkkkkkkkkeeeeeeet!!! velcro.

The only thing I've used velcro on to date is my table bag.
I thought it barely acceptable since it's not a prop. Who knows. I might even change that in the near future.

Anyway, it could have a don't-take-yer-belt-off-loop-de-loop attachment.
Instead of stitched you could just velcro it. :)

Could be snaps, I suppose. Haven't decided. If you come up with something before I do, let me know. Could have a loooooong tail that slips behind your belt, down into your pants, out the bottom of your pant leg, and tucks into your sock.

I think I need sleep.

p.s. Also debating whether it should be big enough to hold a small lime or 2.
I don't want it to be very big.
Message: Posted by: Dave V (May 27, 2005 01:35AM)
Room for a couple of Billiard balls would be nice for cones, chop cups, etc...

With a little more work, what about a pair of ball droppers? That would be even sweeter to be able to have it available at your fingertips from *beneath* the pocket.
Message: Posted by: Aspology (Nov 22, 2006 04:26PM)
On 2002-02-20 13:59, Ichazod wrote:
The Joshua Jay close up case is good also. You can cary a deck, as well as packet tricks, coins & rubberbands & business cards.

It is very nicely made in black leather.


I have just recieved my close up case today :)
Message: Posted by: Thomas Okey (Oct 30, 2009 02:54PM)
I have Klamm's pocket organizer and Carl Andrew's pocket in a pocket.

Carl stated earlier in his post that his organizer gives you 8 pockets. Technically his organizer gives you six pockets but does divided the pocket where you place it into two sides. His organizer/divider has two tall pockets in the middle of it then it has two smaller pockets on each side of the orgaizer/divider. I hope I explained that correctly. BTW I really like this orgainzer for my coins. It is made to go in your pants pocket, which is a plus. I carry this with me at all times. Also the pockets are not as flat or tight as the ones on the Klamm organizer. So they work well with coins and maybe a sponge ball.

the Klamm divider is made to go in a side coat pocket. It is to wide to fit in your pants pocket. Like I stated above, The pockets are tight/flat. They would be great for coins, knives, safety pins, thumb tips etc. But I would not want to put sponge balls in them. They would come out looking like disks. Put it has a lot more dividers in it then Carl's does but again it was meant to be used in a bigger pocket (side coat pocket). I am at work so I can't attach pictures with this post but I hope it helps.

They both have their purpose or advantages and disadvantages.

Tom Okey
Message: Posted by: gaddy (Oct 30, 2009 04:30PM)
You could just stitch a divider into your pocket, or you can have a seamstress rebuild your pocket to your specs. This is VERY easy work for a tailor/seamstress.

I had her widen and buckle-open the mouths of the pockets (so I can pull an orange out of them w/ no problem) and deepen the pockets themselves, and I added a little stitch myself to divide the pocket and give me a sort-of "coin shelf" near the top f the pocket.

The lovely and talented woman I use charges approx 25$ a pocket, and she does excellent, top-notch work. I have every confidence that you can find someone who will do this sort of minor alteration in your area for a comparable price or even lower.
Message: Posted by: Ruldar (Nov 6, 2009 04:01PM)
Anyone have this organizer? http://www.sankeymagic.com/detail.aspx?ID=48070

I like the looks of it also.
Message: Posted by: robertmichaels (Mar 3, 2010 04:33PM)

Now, all I need to do is get used to knowing "what is where" on the fly so it doesn't look like I'm having my own private puppet show...


LOL. So true. Doing that can be fun though.