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Topic: What are some good dove tricks
Message: Posted by: magicguy67 (Oct 14, 2005 11:51AM)
Well what are some good dove tricks out there.
Message: Posted by: Sal Amangka (Oct 20, 2005 09:43AM)

If your asking for props for dove use... there's a dove tray, dove pan, Ultimate Dove Penetration, Dove Drumhead tube.

Message: Posted by: magicguy67 (Oct 20, 2005 04:13PM)
Can I get these from my local magic shop?
Message: Posted by: John C (Oct 20, 2005 05:46PM)
... I give up? Can you?

Message: Posted by: Sal Amangka (Oct 20, 2005 09:36PM)
Yes, they should be available at you local magic shops except for the Ultimate Dove Penetration. I think that one has been out of the market for a long time now.

Message: Posted by: tdowell2007 (Oct 21, 2005 08:37AM)
The best "Dove trick" you can do is...........

Learn to do the steal on the offbeat.

No matter what type of production you are doing, stealing the bird or the l**p on the offbeat will enhance the effect 100 times over. Trust me on this one.