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Topic: Hot Leads Help
Message: Posted by: MisterE21 (Oct 14, 2005 01:59PM)
I just got the Hot Leads wallet from a seller on the Café, but it didn't come with any instructions (which I knew going in). Can someone who HAS instructions scan and send them to me at Reader21@aol.com? If you can, that would be fabulous.

I'll be happy to verify in anyway necessary that I DO have the wallet, if someone requires that verification.


Message: Posted by: GarySumpter (Oct 14, 2005 04:56PM)
I can vouch that he has the wallet as I sold it to him! (without instructions, as advertised!)

I have pm'd him my instructions but I'm sure a scan of the ACTUAL instructions would be very useful too!

Cheers guys

Message: Posted by: Mystician (Nov 2, 2005 01:01PM)
I'll give it a shot verbally, via PM.
It'd be cool if you could PM two more more users in a group, wouldn't it ?
ah well ..