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Topic: Overlap on dove materials
Message: Posted by: Bradley Morgan (Oct 15, 2005 10:45PM)
What would you consider overlapping material on dove magic.

For example The three Tony Clark videos and the new Greg Frewin DVDs and Doves 101 with Andy Amyx.

We can also talk about books and what ells.

Would you suggest getting both Tony and Greg's videos and DVDs?

Thanks to all,
Bradley Morgan
Message: Posted by: Dave Scribner (Oct 16, 2005 07:23AM)
Bradley, overlapping isn't restricted to just dove magic. If you by a book on card magic for example, most certainly you're going to find some material that has been discussed in other books. Every dove worker has his own ideas about the art but most are based on the same concepts.

I personally have shelves full of vids and books on the dove magic. Yes, some, or even many, overlap but there is something in every one of them that is different. Even if it's only on a way to hold the dove. I like Tony Clarks vids very much and he covers everything you need to know about dove magic. However, when Greg put out his DVD's, I bought them just to get his perspective. Some of his ideas are different, some of his handlings are the same. By combining the info from both vid's, I've made adjustments to my act.

I find most of the overlapping comes from the care and feeding portions. Every vid starts out with what to feed a dove, what vitamins are necessary, how to house them, and then the training. After that, most go into individual effects and methods. I've been doing dove magic for years and I think by now, I have a pretty good idea of how to feed to train them, so for me, the first portion of most vids or books is a waste and once I get past that, I always find something new.
Message: Posted by: Bradley Morgan (Nov 3, 2005 09:34PM)
Well I just received my Greg Frewin DVDs today and watched them all. I have to say these are probably some of the most detailed teaching material I have ever seen. He really does an amazing job explaining all the details in making and taking care and training the doves. He does go over quite a few different dove productions and does them very well and does as much as he can to teach you them to you the write way. I would definitely recommend them to anybody looking to do doves and are working with doves. One of the most valuable dove DVDs so far.

Bradley Morgan