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Topic: Thought Burst
Message: Posted by: Illusion77 (Oct 16, 2005 06:24PM)
Hi Everyone -

I've been researching some of the effects where a visual element is added to the moment where a spectators mind is read - such as in Sean Fields Tesla Esperiment, Luke Jermay's Coral Fang, etc.

I was wondering if anyone with experience with this type of effect could let me know which, in their opinion, is the most effect and most practical for a one on one close-up presentation.

Also, anyone with experience with Tesla Experiment or Coral Fang, I'd love to know your thoughts also. Are there any other effect out there, besides these two, that have this "visual" out of mind element?

Any and all suggestions and advice on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
Message: Posted by: Graymatter_Fireworks (Oct 17, 2005 09:31AM)
Hi Illusion77,
I am familiar with both effects and I use Luke Jermay's Burst Bubble suggestion all the time.

While I like some of the ideas in the Tesla Experiment, I would rather not carry around -that- many gimmicks to create a visual moment of mind reading. For me and my performing style it is not a practical solution.

I much rather have a set up where I can perform the visual contact moment of mind reading impromptu. Jermay's Burst Bubble suggestion has allowed me this ability. Plus there are no gimmicks needed, thus you can easily adapt this to a close up situation.

I use the Burst Bubble with most of my mind reading effects, as it fits wonderfully into my desires with making everything from billet work to constructing the spectators memory much more easy.

There are some other expensive devices out there on the market that will 'shock' the spectator once you touch them and so forth. My honest opinion is to not bother with all these other devices, as once you develop the suggestive skills people will feel something when you make your visual contact. Keep in mind that the placebo effect has been proven to be as powerful as a shot of morphine.

Bring someone's mind to a moment where they influence their own perception and feel something.

Message: Posted by: Illusion77 (Oct 17, 2005 12:40PM)
Hi Brandon - thanks for the response!

Your advice was very helpful. Where would you suggest finding the Bubble Burst suggestion - I notice that Luke Jermay has two books out the both seem to contain it - Coral Fang and Building Blocks. Which book do you have and would you recommend one over the other?

Thanks again!!
Message: Posted by: Graymatter_Fireworks (Oct 18, 2005 12:22AM)
Certainly, I’m glad to be of any help.

I am one of the few that really believes and uses suggestion routines. They are a real constant in my work. Depending on your own warrants, you may or may not like them.

Personally I would recommend getting “Building Blocks” first. Its focus is on suggestion style routines and Luke really divulges his personal techniques within it. I feel he does a great job explaining the structure of suggestion routines, which will very important in your use of the Burst Bubble Suggestion. Also included are some nerve chaffing effects.

It is by far one of my favorite books, yet it seems to be very polarizing with people; either you hate it or love it. Quite often this has to do with peoples own personal feelings and experiences with suggestion routines.

His book “The Coral Fang” is also very good. It is smaller than “Building Blocks” and the effects are more “sure-fire” as opposed to suggestion based. Luke has a very good essay on the Psychic Vs. Psychological presentation within it amongst other goodies. The Bust Bubble suggestion is covered in the book, plus it has some advancements in thought along with it. Luke has discovered a very clever way to evolve the idea in some, but I find that really beyond a stage setting, this technique is too limiting. I’ve tried it a few times and really haven’t had a great success with it, nor have I heard of anyone else really using it with great results.

Also it seems that many people have a hard time grasping Luke’s material and only when they visually see it does it really start to ‘click.’ So I would also recommend getting Luke’s DVD Skullduggery. He teaches the original Burst Bubble Suggestion in it. The quality of the footage isn’t the best, but Luke does an outstanding job when it comes to teaching his material.

I hope this has been of some help. If you need anything else please just ask.

Message: Posted by: enigmaticmagic (Nov 12, 2005 05:23PM)
I now own both books. And really must say. The Bubble Burst suggestion is genius. It dosent always work though. But most of the time it will. The advancments from coral fang are unnecisary and I don't think help the effect. Plus its way more obvious, Although they WILL feel something EVERY time. 99 percent of the time. They know what it is.
Message: Posted by: enigmaticmagic (Nov 12, 2005 06:14PM)
Oh and just to add to this. You can use the HEAT convincer with the bubble burst suggestion as well. Almost making it seem like a impromptu version of the Tesla Experiment

Just a question. Does anybody know of any other reveals similar to this one?
Message: Posted by: Shadowrunner (Nov 13, 2005 10:51AM)
Banachecks 'Subtleties' has a few things like this.