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Topic: I could use some words of encouragement...
Message: Posted by: ruaturtle (Oct 19, 2005 11:05AM)
Hello all... I hope that it is Ok to post this here but right now I just need to hear some friendly words. My marriage of 20 years has ended. Everything is just so out-of-control. Its hard to think straight or really do anything right now. I know in my brain that it will be OK... I know that I have a lot to offer this world but right now its all I can do to keep it together. Please wish me luck and if you'd like to pray for me, I'd appreciate it. Thanks...
Message: Posted by: Vandy Grift (Oct 19, 2005 01:10PM)
You got it man. Take care and hang in there. It won't be easy, but this too shall pass.
Message: Posted by: Margarette (Oct 19, 2005 09:51PM)
Hey there! By no means am I trying to make light of your situation, but if I can handle my ex-husband walking out on me when I was 7 1/2 months pregnant and come out of the whole ordeal with some resemblance of sanity, I'm sure you will land on your feet. The dissolution of any marriage, no matter how short or long, will take some tme to recover. The one thing you need to remember is that you are suffering a death (the death of your marriage), and you need to properly go through each of the stages of grief. It will take time, and only you can be the judge of how long it will take. Rest assured, things do get better, but it will take time.

Message: Posted by: RandyStewart (Oct 19, 2005 11:18PM)
Only the toughest steel gets to go through the fire (that's you!).

Like some of the folks here, I could go on and on about my own past losses and difficulties but am currently enjoying life as a survivor of such moments in life.

You have your good days enroute this very moment. Like Margarette suggested, work through it slowly and progressively.
Message: Posted by: Lee Darrow (Oct 21, 2005 04:31AM)
In the words of a very wise person - "This, too, shall pass..."

I've been through a couple of divorces, one amicable (we're still good friends) and one downright brutal. I can only hope and pray that yours goes the route that my first one did.

if you need to talk, my number's on my web page, bro.

Lee Darrow, C.H.
Message: Posted by: ruaturtle (Oct 21, 2005 06:14AM)
Thanks for the kind words.... they mean alot.
Message: Posted by: Vincent (Oct 21, 2005 07:36AM)
Good Morning,

I Just Read Of Your Situation And Can Identify With It First Hand.

The Only Thing That I Noticed When I Went Through A Similar Situation Was That Time Did Heal All Wounds.

Being Surrounded By Family And Friends Helped Quite A Bit.

I Went From The Darkness To The Light...

...It Just Took Some Time.

Keep The Faith My Friend And When All Else Fails Go Fishin!!

Only The Best,

Vincent :die: :magicrabbit: :die:
Message: Posted by: hugmagic (Oct 21, 2005 11:47AM)
Hang in there. I went through a hellious divorce that not only ended the marriage but tried to steal my business.

It was only through my good friends in magic that I am here. It will pass.

I know it cliche, but God never gives us more than we can handle. Hang in there. Enjoy what you can, feel the rest and move through it. You will be a better person when it is all done.

Message: Posted by: Foucault (Oct 24, 2005 10:01AM)
My thoughts are with you. Losses like this typically make you feel like everything is out of control. Whenever you feel like this, it's difficult to know where to start to get things under control again. It's very easy just to throw your hands up in the air and give up. There's so much to do, that you don't do anything! I've found from experience that the very best way is just to do SOMETHING, however small. Once you feel that you are starting to achieve something, continuing becomes much easier. You build momentum. How do you eat an elephant? One piece at a time!

Do you have kids? If so, the most important thing is not to force them to choose between the two parents they love. You both have to be there for them, supporting them through this difficult time.
Message: Posted by: Professor Piper (Oct 24, 2005 08:57PM)
I don't know you, but I 'feel' ya man...

Hang in there and if you need an ear, PM me.

Take care.

Prof. Piper
Message: Posted by: Parson Smith (Oct 31, 2005 04:48PM)
Before I opened this thread, I noticed your avatar and that you were from NC.
I am a NC native and it looks like you may be fishing there on the coast.
I grieve for you and with you.
I would be more than happy to visit with you at anytime.
There are no quick fix answers or magical words.

Lee's words are good words. This will pass away. Troube is, when you are in the midst of it, it is hard to beleive.
Hang in there, friend. Let me know if I can help.
Message: Posted by: ruaturtle (Nov 1, 2005 11:21AM)
Once again... thank you all for your kind words. It is getting a bit easier as each day passes. I can already see that there will be bright days ahead. Take care all and hug the one you're with each and every day...

Parson, you are correct. That there is fishing on the NC coast... : )
Message: Posted by: GlenD (Nov 10, 2005 09:07PM)
Sorry to hear about your situation but I applaud your guts for sharing it and reaching out. It is good to see the replies as well, I bet it must warm your heart to read the encouragements from "strangers" on a magic forum. But it is an awesome thing too. I wish you well and will pray for you as you go through this.
God bless you and give you His peace.