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Topic: MacKing's fish routine video needed
Message: Posted by: Philipp K (Oct 24, 2005 03:52PM)
a friend of mine is looking for a video of MacKing performing his fish routine/act.

It wouldn't matter what kind of video that'll be.(for example a TV-appearance etc.)

So if you've got Mac's act please let me know.

Thanks alot,
Message: Posted by: truthteller (Oct 24, 2005 05:07PM)
And why does he want this? If it's for a good cause, have him go to Mac's website and email him.
Message: Posted by: Philipp K (Oct 25, 2005 08:07AM)
I can very much guarantee it is for a good cause, as I really don't expect my friend to steal ideas or certain hadnlings of props (if that's what you meant).

But thanks for the idea, though I am not sure if MacKing is going to answer the mail.
Message: Posted by: hugmagic (Oct 25, 2005 10:45AM)
I believe part of it was on the WGM specials.

Message: Posted by: Philipp K (Oct 26, 2005 07:50AM)
Hello Richard,
yes I heard that too.
Unfortunately I don't own any taping of the WGM specials.

Do you happen to know somebody who'll be so kind to send me a copy of Mac's act ?

I'd appreciate any help.