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Topic: Applications using the pop up move
Message: Posted by: boydy (Oct 27, 2005 01:41PM)
Howdy All. Pleased to meet you all. I've been doing magic now for 6 years now and have just discovered the Al Schneider coins across routine. I seen the routine performed on his website a while back and was hooked, so I bought his book all about the routine. The pop up move is just shear beauty I think, and was wondering if there was anyone with any other applications using the move. I've sort of been working on a coins through table and coin through spectator hand type of effect but would welcome anybodys comments.

once again howdy from Sunny Scotland
Message: Posted by: Big Jeff (Oct 27, 2005 01:45PM)
Jay Sankey has a coins to pocket that uses that move. It's on his Front Row Sankey DVD and his newest one.
Message: Posted by: boydy (Oct 27, 2005 01:54PM)
I'll check it out thankz
Message: Posted by: warren (Oct 27, 2005 02:49PM)
Elbow,knee&neck by daryl also uses the pop up move for a good solid practical routine.
Message: Posted by: Okami (Oct 27, 2005 02:57PM)
I was reading the Spectacle book today and I stopped at Daryl´s routine...
So it is funny to see it here mentioned.

And it is a really good routine!
Message: Posted by: Jonathan Townsend (Oct 27, 2005 03:12PM)
Roger Klause's routine "Coins for Connoisseurs" might be fun too.
Message: Posted by: Mediocre the Great (Oct 27, 2005 10:02PM)
Dean Dill makes great use of the pop up move in his "coin cascade" routine. It was my motovation for learning the move.