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Topic: Talking Coins
Message: Posted by: Shalin (Nov 6, 2005 01:38PM)
I was practicing an effect (gadabout coins) that requires three coins (audience thinks its one) going into the pocket at the same time. When the coins get to my pocket, they always seem to make noise and "talk" with each other as I place them inside. I have tried going slowly, being more careful, but nothing works. Is there any way I can minimize the noise made by the coins when they go into my pocket?

Message: Posted by: Jaz (Nov 6, 2005 01:46PM)
If you have other coins in the pocket the noise is there each time so no problem.

Sometimes holding the coin(s) in a firm finger palm and placing them in the very bottom of the empty pants pocket can help. Try to lift the coins from FP w/ your thumb. It takes a knack.
Message: Posted by: Jonton (Nov 6, 2005 06:30PM)
Have your 2 secret coins pre-palmed, then when you need to get your one coin (that the audience knows about), reach into your pocket and pull out a handful of change and fish around in your hand for the proper coin. This not only emphasizes that you are using only one coin, but it also shows them that they are also coins in your pocket. When you dump them back into your pocket, be sure to make as much noise as you can (without looking suspicious) to get them used to hearing the sound of the extra coins.

This makes a world of difference when I do Hopping Half.
Message: Posted by: Rob Elliott (Nov 7, 2005 11:34AM)
By placing a handkerchief in your pocket, you can virtually eliminate any noise as you put the coins away as long as you're a little careful when you release them.
Message: Posted by: Shalin (Nov 7, 2005 11:24PM)
Thanks for the help guys, I will try out all of your suggestions!
Message: Posted by: Richard Lucas (Nov 8, 2005 11:05AM)
Some pockets have the little inner pocket for coins/keys, using that might help, or ask a tailor/seamstress to add a 2nd pocket inside the pocket - should only cost $5.00.
Message: Posted by: Larry Davidson (Nov 8, 2005 12:06PM)
Richard, I need the name of your tailor! I just had that done and it cost me $50.00.
Message: Posted by: ShawnB (Nov 8, 2005 03:52PM)
Try using "soft coins". They are coins that are worn so the relife on the face's are not so drastic. It helps cover a lot of the noise. Also as you put the coins in the pocket press them firmly to your body then push them down to the bottom of the pocket... It will help the noise a lot.
Message: Posted by: TomKMagic (Nov 8, 2005 04:53PM)
Super glue!!

Actually, try getting really worn coins, they glide very silently, but they also stick together better.

or try the super glue.
Message: Posted by: Shalin (Nov 8, 2005 06:46PM)
Haha, I think I will give the glue a try! But thanks guys for the tips, I think I will try getting some really worn coins and trying them out.
Message: Posted by: Review King (Nov 13, 2005 01:10PM)
On 2005-11-08 13:06, Larry Davidson wrote:
Richard, I need the name of your tailor! I just had that done and it cost me $50.00.

He must have really small pockets!