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Topic: Silk routine - has this one been done?
Message: Posted by: Hawkan (Nov 7, 2005 02:30PM)
I was doing my laundry today, when I came up with an idea that I just tried in front of the mirror. The idea seems good now, but maybe tomorrow Ill change my mind... Anyway. Its a silk routine, for kids (and childish grown ups).

I tell the audience that Im going to make my red silk change colour to yellow.
But instead the silk disappears. This happens three times, as I get more and more frustrated. Then I get a bright idea, Im now going to perform the disappearing silk trick instead (since that is what the silk seems to enjoy doing). But of course, this time the silk changes colour to yellow...

Now Im jumping up and down with frustration. I ask a volunteer to help me, and then I go into a change bag routine where the kid at last manages to make the silk change colour.

Has this been done like a million times before? Dont be shy to tell me. Or just share your own ideas or suggestions.

Message: Posted by: Zorak (Nov 23, 2005 05:13PM)
Hi Hakan,
I like it. I would use it as a quickee. No assistant, no change bag. I would just work it in my hands. The mishaps then the correct outcome fits my magic character, and the silk can be used in the next effect.
There are no small ideas in magic. only good ones and bad ones. Yours is a good one. Thanks!
Zorak kiddiekazam.com
Message: Posted by: Hawkan (Nov 24, 2005 10:45AM)
Hello Zorak,
Thank you very much for your input. I performed the routine (including the change bag part) in front of 150 kids and it played very well. Im doing a small birthday show next week, maybe Ill try the "quickie" verson then.