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Topic: Taking an "Out" Do you do too?
Message: Posted by: ravi (Nov 9, 2005 06:56AM)
Hi everyone.

Just wanted to discuss something that has happened to me now twice. It seems to me that "getting experience", doing magic/mentalism develops in waves, not steadily.

Once or twice a year I have enough of forums, threads and new stuff and I take a "time out".
I perform and enjoy the stuff I do but stop reading , discussing and just do my job because I am paid to do so and I give my best. After some weeks or so, I get curious again and visit "my" forums again.

The good thing is that ( in my opinion) it helps!!!

It makes me focus on the routines I do regularly, stop looking for the new things in mentalism. I get better after these periods.

Does "taking an out" help?
I think "yes".

My routines become more polished, more professional when I focus on them without looking around.

Mentalism is sometimes job, sometimes passion but I think this is okay and might even help. Can we be passionate all the time?

I took about four months off, now I am back again and it has been good just so; I have new ideas, new routines and look forward towards mentalism.

Do you have these moods too, or take a time off and does it help too?

Message: Posted by: sjdavison (Nov 9, 2005 07:07AM)
Indeed I do. I think it is healthy to have breaks from everything, as it renews the passion that started it all off. I recently had a year from rugby, and have thrown myself back into it with renewed vigour.

Regards magic, I do think that a break makes you inwardly focus on your routines, and they certainly grow and change during that time. Recemtly I had a year from magic, and when I returned, I found myself going through old books, and seeing the potential in effects I had deemed useless before.

I htink it is wise to have time off if you feel like it - magic should be enjoyed by the performer- or the audience certainly will not enjoy it.

Message: Posted by: SHoT (Nov 9, 2005 07:09AM)
I totally agree to that!

Message: Posted by: ravi (Nov 9, 2005 07:57AM)
Good to be not alone.