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Topic: What would you do? How far would you go?
Message: Posted by: BAH1313 (Nov 11, 2005 12:33PM)
Recently, last night in fact, myself and a very good friend of mine drove 4 hours away, just to spend some time with a great performer and quite a character. We made the drive knowing that we could only stay for about two hours and then turn around and drive back, due to scheduling conflicts the following day. I must say every moment of the evening was great, and the LONG drive home from 1-5 am was worth every minute of it. Even though I sit at work right now writing this with one eye open, I feel somewhat proud of our adventure, and *** lucky to have had the opportunity to meet and talk with a great group of guys. (And meet the world's best street performer)
So, my question is this. What lengths would you go to, to spend some time with a master? What would you do? What have you done in the past?
I bet it was worth it. It was for me.
Message: Posted by: BroDavid (Nov 11, 2005 01:05PM)
I just traveled 2000 miles each way to sit through Gazzo's Master class.

The Class cost me $250, the air fare, rental car, food and room, etc, about triple that, so it took a complete weekend and the red-eye flight back and $1000 out of pocket, but it was worth worth every minute and every penny of it.

You have to love to learn, and love the Art to make those kind of sacrifices. But if do it, you will rarely regret it.

So who did you go see? I am about four hours away from you, but I don't think you drove 4 hours to see me ;) so who did you see?

Message: Posted by: Paddy (Nov 11, 2005 01:08PM)
I drove from Cincinnati OH to Charlottesville VA to attend Gazzo's class, about 7 hours each way. I'd do it again, it was worth it!

Message: Posted by: BAH1313 (Nov 11, 2005 01:44PM)
Gazzo man, Gazzo. What a riot.
Message: Posted by: Steve V (Nov 11, 2005 02:50PM)
You know, it depends. Sometimes the drive makes the trip worth while, sometimes it is the person you are going to see. I wouldn't drive five minutes to see someone who I think isn't worth my time or who I think is out for themself rather than trying to contribute to the art.
Steve V
Message: Posted by: Vandy Grift (Nov 11, 2005 03:10PM)
On 2005-11-11 15:50, Steve V wrote:
You know, it depends. Sometimes the drive makes the trip worth while, sometimes it is the person you are going to see. I wouldn't drive five minutes to see someone who I think isn't worth my time or who I think is out for themself rather than trying to contribute to the art.
Steve V

I drive to the ends of the Earth to meet Steve V!! LOL. But seriously, I agree with Steve, it depends on the person. I hoping to get a chance to meet a guy this summer, he's about 6 hours away. I'm not worried about the drive at all. It all depends on who it is.

Message: Posted by: BroDavid (Nov 11, 2005 03:21PM)
I absolutely agree that you have to know the trip is worth the time and distance.

But I know guys who wouldn't cross the street to see Houdini.

And those guys are, in my opinion, sadly going to stay at the same level that they are now for a long time.....

It is one thing to have to say no, due to financial considerations, or personal issues, but it is quite another to simply not be interested, or to not have the vision to see how you can be benefitted. When I told my local IBM ring I was going to see gazzo, they said that's nice. You can learn cups and balls. But most of them said they don't need it becasue tehy have been doing cups and balls for years. As you can see, they totally missed the point. It wasnt just about cups and balls, it was about a lot more and that extra (I had high expectations, and they were exceeded...) was what really made it worthwhile.

A friend of mine who only does stage and parlor, joined me for an hour drive to see a Cellini lecture. He only went becuase I told him it would worth his while. And even before it was over, he ws leaning over telling me thanks for getting him to come as he was learning a lot.

Time for a drive, is like any other investment. Can you see how you will get a return on it? If so, then you go, and if not, you don't.

Message: Posted by: BAH1313 (Nov 11, 2005 03:49PM)
The whole thing just depends on how bad you want something. I want to be the best, so I go to where the best are. If I can pick-up a small stipend of knowledge from a trip like this, then it's worth 20 trips like this. I really regret not making the Master Class, and I've decided not to let opportunity pass me by again.
And, I partly agree with Steve V. I believe one can learn from all. Even just a little.
Message: Posted by: cfrye (Nov 11, 2005 04:59PM)
I drove to and from Seattle each day of the workshop (only three hours each way, not too bad) so I could get back to Portland for a wedding. I made the effort because I wanted personal instruction on how to learn the cups and balls. Not just to learn it, which I did, but to find out how to continue learning about the cups and balls in particular and magic in general. And that's what happened.
Message: Posted by: Dave V (Nov 11, 2005 05:02PM)
Two of Gazzo's students in Bro David's and my class came from Sweden and Ireland.
Message: Posted by: flimnar (Nov 11, 2005 05:31PM)
Magic is one of the few areas of interest where the average person can get this kind of access to the world's best. It is a real pleasure to meet people like Gazzo (I was in his last master class) and so many other terrific performers. It is amazing to me the caliber of magician who will frequent our humble (yet highly commited) IBM group. Why do you suppose this is possible?

Message: Posted by: Review King (Nov 11, 2005 07:14PM)
Next time you see Gazzo, do Jim Pace's WEB for him. he lOVES this trick!
Message: Posted by: kirko (Nov 15, 2005 07:54PM)
I know this isn't a specific person, but I drive 2 hours to go to the nearest magic shop in Garden City, Michigan. I even once went to pick up a thumb tip and an IT refill, but every time I'm there I spend an hour chatting and just hanging out, definitely worth the 2 hour drive. It sure beats ordering magic off the internet, which I usually refuse to do unless it can ONLY be found on the internet...
Message: Posted by: kOnO (Nov 15, 2005 08:21PM)
The other night I sat on the couch for 2 hours and watched Penn & Teller!!!!
(also took a 6 pack to get all the way through it)

Message: Posted by: Mario Morris (Nov 15, 2005 09:01PM)
I drove eight hours the other night to peform my self.
Message: Posted by: BAH1313 (Nov 16, 2005 08:14AM)
Mario, I didn't get a chance to mention before, but I liked your clip on the cups and balls. Good stuff!
Message: Posted by: Kozmo (Nov 16, 2005 09:12AM)
Well this weekend I had the pleasure of spending some time with paul green, lonnie chevrie and gazzo what a blast...all 3 are great guys and I was honored to finally meet paul..BUt when around gazzo beware of your balls! ask paul

flew from ny to detroit....i went to convince lonnie to do another set of dvd's...it worked ...look for them in the spring...

Message: Posted by: BAH1313 (Nov 16, 2005 09:59AM)
Hey Koz, were you there on Thursday? I would have liked to meet you.