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Topic: The Cave of Boxes With Boxes of Legends
Message: Posted by: pkg (Nov 13, 2005 08:10AM)
Rasad : a spirit/djin that is bound to guard some valuable treasures/books. you try to dig or take it without the proper ceremonials, you die/go insane/suffer great pain for the rest of your life...

this is one of the "touristic" descriptions...lots of myths legends and stories...the village is around 40 kms away up in the mountains from my place....enjoy....

(rumors running since god knows when about people who dared to go inside and take out some of the boxes....they opened it, gold turned into sand and they died....would make a nice routine ;) )

" You can enter but you never know where it ends.

It is not a shelter for thieves such as Ali Baba's cave or an archeological site such as Jeita. It is not a hunters tunnel or even a monastery. It is an ancient tunnel dug by a prominent King for trade purposes in peace times and espionage and defense purposes in war times.

Douma's Cave of Boxes is located in "Haret Al Tahta". It links the fortress of "Al Hossen" (the ruins of which still exist on the mountain overlooking west Douma) to the other neighboring villages in which the King's daughters were married. It is said that one of his daughters had hidden her valuable treasures in boxes and placed them in this cave. One reason for the name - Cave of Boxes.

It is also said that Douma's people took refuge in it to protect themselves from the barbarian army invasion. They survived along with their treasure boxes. Another reason for the name - Cave of Boxes.

Although people might disagree on where the true origin of the name is from, they all tend to agree that its tunnels are full of boxes that are full of gold and safeguarded by magic. So come for a visit, see it for yourself and challenge the magic of the boxes in a legendary visit to Douma. "