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Topic: Tom Mulica Music
Message: Posted by: icentertainment (Nov 15, 2005 05:22AM)
Hi Peoples

I love the music Tom Mulica uses in his CIG stage show

BUT I am unsure as to what these songs are called and what style of music it is.

JAZZ, swing jazz---is pretty much the extent of my music knowledge

Can you help me?

Thank you

Message: Posted by: calimagician (Nov 17, 2005 02:08AM)
Hi David--

The music for Tom Mullica's act is just that...Jazz.

His music was put together for him by Johnny Thompson. Tom and Steven used to live with John and Pam when they lived in Burbank, and while Tom was building and routining the "cigarette act". Before he took the act to Paris and The Crazy Horse Saloon.

Not sure of the exact songs and artists, though I know some of it was Neil Hefti.

I myself had an act that John helped me with called "Mr. Martini" It was a comedy/manipulation (dumb) act that used cocktails and other bar related items and like Mullica's act was "driven" by the music. Only did the act for a few years because my "day job" as television/film guy wouldn't let me tour. Though I had a few nice runs at The Magic Castle and few other fun night spots in L.A.


The music I used was not unlike Tom Mullica's. Mine was more of what they call "lounge" music. Circa 1950 - 1965. Check out you local music store (or music download service) for a section on "lounge music". You'll find plenty of funky and cool stuff that should work.

Hope this helps.

Good luck,

Message: Posted by: icentertainment (Nov 17, 2005 09:18AM)
It does help

Thank you very much,

Message: Posted by: zombieboy (Nov 18, 2005 02:47PM)
Interestingly enough, the song that you are referring to was also used by Salvano during the finale of his act.