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Topic: Shattered glass and restored
Message: Posted by: rmwilson (Nov 17, 2005 08:53AM)
I often try and have items in my show that is just not naturally acceptable by everyday life .. impossibilities if you will ..
I currently do a torn and restored
news paper
a walking knot
a hydrostatic glass

And I want to come up with an effect where a glass (bottle or wine glass or something) shatters then restores...VISUALLY ... the other items mentioned above are very visual impossibilities not hidden by any cover, and simply unexplainable to an average person because, its seen as so day to day that no one else can do this other than a magician.

Any thoughts on routines ideas or method suggestions for a shattered and un-shattered (restored) glass would be a great help .

Message: Posted by: jimgerrish (Nov 17, 2005 10:05AM)
You may recall in "Kim" by Rudyard Kipling, Kim is being taught about the power of hypnosis by his trainer. A plate or cup is shattered on the floor, and Kim is hypnotized to see the broken pieces coming together. The first movie version of Kim shows this scene nicely and sets the stage for this effect.

Throw a plate on the floor and it smashes. Hypnotize the audience into imagining that they can see the pieces come together (they actually can, because the pieces begin to crawl towards one another). Bend over and pick up the plate and snap them out of the hypnotic stage so they can see that they only imagined the plate was broken to begin with. They can now handle and feel that the plate was never broken to begin with.

Hint: It's done with melamine, not china as they suppose.
Message: Posted by: Prof. Alexander (Nov 27, 2005 11:41AM)
Hi Ryan
I also like this approach. I like to use (as much as I can) objects in my magic that appear to be everyday.
A couple of my favorites: blowing up a large balloon and then bursting it a genuine full bottle of champagne appears in your hand. I often use this as an opener, or if I am doing a one off at a party completely floors people!
My other favorites: bottle through a person stomach. I usually build up to this by doing rope through ring followed by scarf through arm all impromptu tricks (well, I always carry a bit of rope with me if I am asked for more I do a full routine based mostly on tabary rope routine very entertaining (I use lots of jokes) and completely baffling) I get the audience very involved with these. When it comes to passing the bottle through (a young attractive woman, usually) people actually scream when you do it.

How you would smash and reconstitute a plate? Have a look at the use of topits by Sylvester the Jester. I think this could be a very affective and straightforward approach.
Hope this has been a bit of help - all the best,
Prof. Alex